Izzy & Oliver is a lifestyle brand known for recreating product that is high quality and on-trend for women, men, and the homes they love. Our designers are global and unique to us. They are dedicated to developing product that is sophisticated, affordable and coveted by consumers around the world.

New Artist!

EttaVee has become a lifestyle brand that expresses optimism and joy through color. Artist, designer and art influencer, Jessi Raulet, has become well known for her hand-painted, colorful and bold designs. With an ability to craft vibrantly optimistic color palettes, Jessi’s work is packed with good vibes.

Jessi Raulet

Born and raised in Indiana, Jessi began her love affair with color at the age of four and has been creating ever since. In 2013, she moved to Paris for love where she started creating colorful fine art pieces and designs to brighten up her surroundings; and thus the vibrant world of EttaVee was born. 


Offer your customers an exceptional luxury perfumed candle poured in the United States. New from Enesco, 7 oz. and 10 oz. vessels with rich extravagant scents.