Jiminy Cricket Maquette - 4051309
Jiminy Cricket Maquette
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Introduction: September 2015
Pinocchio was the first Disney feature to utilize animator models or “maquettes”. This skillfully crafted, hand-painted Jiminy sculpture originates from a late 1930’s maquette in the company's collection; the production molds are made from a 3D scan.
  • Figurine
  • 4.13 in H
  • Also Available in Pre-pack(s): 4058910
  • Numbered Limited Edition 3,500
  • Matching (Hand-Numbered) Certificate of Verification
  • Storycard
  • Vintage coloration achieved through hand-matching paint swatches from the Disney paint palette to originals.
  • Materials Stone Resin
  • Minimum Order Qty 2 EA min
  • Measurements of Product 4.13 in H x 4.13 in W x 3.94 in L
  • UPC Code 045544840699
  • Limited Edition 3500
  •   This skillfully crafted, hand-painted sculpture was developed through the shared efforts of The Walt Disney Archives and Enesco, LLC. Originating from an animation maquette in the company's collection, the production molds for this piece are made from a digital three-dimensional printout. To distinguish it from the original, the final production size varies approximately 10 percent. This piece is one of a sequentially numbered, randomly distributed limited edition series of 3,500. Established in 1938, the Character Model Department at Walt Disney Studios employed sculptors to create three-dimensional figures. These animator models or maquettes would expose crucial angles, reveal the play of light and shadow, and clarify issues of perspective, allowing artists to study each character in a brand new way. Originally sculpted by hand out of clay, these initial pieces were cast as a limited number of plaster models which were painted by the Inking and Painting Department and distributed to key artists and animators. Pinocchio was the first Disney feature to utilize these maquettes. They proved to be so popular that Walt Disney occasionally used them as gifts to VIPs and they were sometimes used as decor in studio offices. To replicate the vintage coloration for this limited edition reproduction, paint swatches from the Disney paint palette were hand-matched to the originals. Certificate of Verification and Storycard are included.
  •   24 EA Case Pack

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