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Swifts Stringed Instruments - 56.58753
7.28 in H
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Let there be music in the Village! The detailed interior scene shows some of the fine musical wares of this London business. Designed to accompany Dickens Village by Department 56 this piece includes a switched light cord and bulb. 4.75 x 5 x 7.25"
The Griswold Holiday House - 4030733
7.48 in H
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What is more Christmas-y than the home of Clark Griswold? Designed as part of the Christmas Lane series, this house is the definition of lit up! The house can change the lights from steady to flashing!


The Griswold Holiday Garage - 4056686
4.06 in H
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Complete your Christmas Vacation scene with this companion to the Griswold Holiday House. A string of lights are set in front, waiting to be untangled and yard décor is unpacked, with the promise of a fun old fashion family Christmas.
Beneath The Christmas Star - 4037333
4.65 in H
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The nativity scene has been a treasured Christmas tradition for centuries. Now the Snowbabies depict their own version in this 4.7” porcelain figurine from the Snow Dream line.
21st Birthday Wine Glass - GLS11-5538M
15 Oz. Capacity
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Cheers to you, birthday girl! Arrives in a beautiful gift box, with a unique cocktail recipe painted under the base of the glass. All Lolita glassware features hand decorated accents and painting. Made from blown glass, Hand Wash only.
Mr. & Mrs. Right Mug Set - 4041768
12 Oz. Capacity
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The perfect gift for the perfect couple — Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right! This two-piece stoneware coffee mug set features colorful his and her graphics that are a bold way to start the day.
Dog Mom Mug - 4026112
16 Oz. Capacity
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Who says your kid has to have two legs (or even be human)? For some people, the perfect child has four legs, lots of fur, and a cute bark! This vibrantly colored mug is for the dog mom who treats her fur babies like her own children.
Bereavement Angel - 4014049
9 in H
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All seek some form of comfort and peace in a time of bereavement. Part of Foundations’ Simply Inspired Angels collection, the Bereavement Angel is an artfully designed figurine displaying peaceful elegance in linen-textured resin.
Pusheen Sculpted Mug - 6002676
16 Oz. Capacity
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Celebrate your fandom with this unique sculpted Pusheen Cat mug.
Soap Connoisseur - 6003305
2.75 in H
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After letting "the big one" of bad words slip following a roadside maintenance mishap, Ralphie has his mouth scrubbed clean with soap by his stern mother.
Aunt Bethany's House - 6003132
8.07 in H
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Aunt Bethany has become a fan-favorite character from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. It’s no surprise that her house matches Aunt Bethany’s eclectic and colorful personality.
Play Ball! - 6003142
2.95 in H
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She may have a few screws loose and her fashion sense is a few decades out of style, but all-American Aunt Bethany is a loving family woman who's always eager to share her cooking.
Hogwarts Great Hall & Tower - 6002311
13.07 in H
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Considered a castle, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, is the main fictional setting of the Harry Potter Novels. Our depiction shows a portion of the campus, highlighting the Great Hall and the Great Tower.
Harry And The Headmaster - 6002314
3.15 in H
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Dressed in his Gryffindor robe, Harry demonstrates the power of his wand for Professor Dumbledore, the headmaster at Hogwarts.
Mickey 90th Anniversary - 6001267
8.3 in H
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Celebrate the true original Disney icon's 90th Anniversary with this timeless piece designed by Jim Shore. Join your favorite mouse as he reflects on his unforgettable career, then watch as his dressing room transforms from black and white to color!
The One That Started Them All - 4023573
8 in H
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A Disney collection isn’t complete without the one that started them all! This stunning sculpture presents the key characters from the 1937 masterpiece, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” in a rustic tableau, handcrafted and hand-painted in rich detail.
Wine Glass 30th Birthday - 6000736
8.84 in H
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There’s no shame in getting flirty when turning 30! For the thirsty 30-year-old ready to party, this 15 oz. glass is a fabulous way to say goodbye to their 20s and celebrate many more years of fun in the future.
Wine Glass 50th Birthday - 6000738
8.84 in H
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Get feisty at 50! Toast the golden years with this sparkling golden 15 oz. glass and cheers to 50 more years of fabulous living!
ChristMoosetime - 6003856
10 in H
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When the reindeer are off playing their games, Santa saddles up his backup engine, the Christmas moose. With ornaments hanging from his antlers this hoofed hero is ready to dash away and save the day. The two match in red and green plaid.
LICPD Naughty or Nice? - 6001338
12 in H
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The Grinch knows he's been Naughty but Cindy-Lu will make sure he is on Santa's Nice list next year.
Wastin' Away Again - 4057317
12 in H
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Santa’s vacation is in full swing with this 12” figurine. A small tropical oasis plays music to the tune of "Margaritaville" while Santa and his parrot contemplate their newfound shaker of salt!
LICPD Milk & Cookies for Santa - 6000723
10.5 in H
Retailer Log-in
Mickey baked his favorite recipe for Santa and waited up to personally give him a midnight snack. Santa's coat is trimmed with Mickey ribbon and his bag is filled with gifts for his #1 Mouse. 2 piece set
Hogwarts Astronomy Tower - 6003327
12.2 in H
Retailer Log-in
The highest peak at Hogwarts is the astronomy tower, where young witches and wizards learn about the stars and their effects on magic. A massive and majestic addition to your Hogwarts Castle.
Hogwarts Express - 6003329
3.74 in H
Retailer Log-in
Every witch and wizard's year at Hogwarts begins with a magical journey aboard the Hogwarts Express. Departing from Platform 9 3/4 at King's Cross, the scarlet-hued steam engine gives its carriage of aspiring sorcerers time to practice their spells.
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