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Drag - U La, Grandpa's Car - 6007746
1.73 in H
Retailer Log-in
Built by Grandpa Munster in "The Munsters" television series, the Drag-U-La used a real coffin as the body. Grandpa built the vehicle to use in a race to win back the Munster's family vehicle, the Munster Koach that Herman lost in a previous race.
Herman the Punk Rod - 6007745
3.4 in H
Retailer Log-in
Herman drag races in the family hearse to back up Eddie's boast that his dad is a better driver than his friend's father. He loses the race but is saved by Grandpa Munster who builds the "Drag-U-La" and reclaims the Koach for the family.
Ghostbusters Slimer - 6007409
2.56 in H
Retailer Log-in
Unfortunately for Slimer, his ravenous appetite compelled the hotel to call the Ghostbusters, & he found himself on the wrong end of a proton pack. Let Slimer bring a little harmless haunting to your Village; just don’t leave any leftovers unattended!
Pleasant View Church - 6007761
10.39 in H
Retailer Log-in
Country Living is a field guide to the good life. Whether it’s slowing down to enjoy the view, being a kinder neighbor, or designing a home that’s a beautiful backdrop to memory-making, they know that how you live is more important than where you live.
The Munster Koach - 6007411
1.89 in H
Retailer Log-in
A combination hot-rod and hearse, Lily Munster had this unusual vehicle especially built for her husband, Herman Munster as a birthday present. It will look great pulled up in front the 1313 Mocking Bird Lane home of the Munster family.
The Munster Carriage House - 6007410
6 in H
Retailer Log-in
Designed and colored to coordinate with the Munsters iconic mansion, the Carriage house doors are slightly ajar, and who knows what is dying to get out? Is it the Munster's special "Munster Koach"?
Garden Transfusion - 6007278
2.28 in H
Retailer Log-in
Always tinkering with his lab and crazy ideas, Uncle Fester is trying his hand at gardening.
Uncle Fester's House - 6007277
8.58 in H
Retailer Log-in
Looking as eccentric as Fester himself, "Uncle Fester's House" will fits in nicely with other creepy houses on Mocking Bird Lane.
Elvira's House - 6005475
7.87 in H
Retailer Log-in
When we think of the horror icon, Elvira, we know that her house has to be the spookiest! Decked out with bats and autumn leaves, this horror mansion is lighted an ready for Elvira's favorite night of the year!
Superman - 6005634
3.27 in H
Retailer Log-in
Springing from the phone booth, Superman is ready to fight evil, and keep us all safe. A great addition for DC Comics fans, or as an addition to your Halloween Village. This Village accessory is hand-crafted, hand-painted, resin.
Wonder Woman - 6005633
2.52 in H
Retailer Log-in
Princess of the Amazons, Wonder Woman is a superhero unlike any other. With womanly prowess and enchanted weaponry straight from the gods, this girl is beautiful and deadly. Celebrate truth, justice, and equality with the symbol herself.
Themyscira - 6005632
11.42 in H
Retailer Log-in
An island hidden from men and modern times, Themyscira is where femininity truly shines. With Greek godlike architecture, it's the birthplace of Wonder Woman and the Amazons. Celebrate female empowerment and always fight like a girl!
The Gazebo at Moonlight - 6005626
6.89 in H
Retailer Log-in
Being from New York City, the Addams Family loves to spend long evenings in Central Park. With the new Gazebo, Gomez and Morticia can continue to enjoy the night, with or without moonlight, from their own yard. LED lit. Hand-crafted, hand-painted resin.
Grandpa - 6005638
3 in H
Retailer Log-in
A wickedly funny addition to the Munster family, Grandpa was Lily Munster’s father. He had a pet bat named Igor and often offered gruesome bits of advice to the youngsters. Add a classic touch to your Halloween decor.
Eddie & Marilyn Munster - 6005637
2.875 in H
Retailer Log-in
Edward Wolfgang Munster was the only child of Lily and Herman Munster. His cousin, Marilyn, a pretty, very normal looking young woman also lived with the Munsters, and sometimes looked a little out of place. Add a classic touch to your Halloween decor.
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