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All I Want For Christmas - 6005391
1.9 in H
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Dad bends down to listen to a long list of wishes from his starry-eyed son this Village accessory is hand-crafted, hand-painted, Porcelain.
The Lindy Hop - 6005390
2.8 in H
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Caught up in the holiday spirit, a couple shows off some of their favorite dance moves on the sidewalk. this Village accessory is hand-crafted, hand-painted, Porcelain.
Will You Marry Me? - 6005388
2.6 in H
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A partner on one knee with ring in hand is the dream of many girls hoping for a holiday engagement. this Village accessory is hand-crafted, hand-painted, Porcelain.
Tip O' The Hats - 6005387
2.7 in H
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Two gents tip their hats in a warm holiday greeting this Village accessory is hand-crafted, hand-painted, Porcelain.
Model Railroad Shop - 6005384
7.87 in H
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Enticing all, model railroad shops sprang up in cities across the country. Today, holiday traditions include everything from a simple circular track under the tree to a train weaving through your Dept 56 Village. Animated train circles above the door.
The Savoy Ballroom - 6005383
7.17 in H
Retailer Log-in
Located on Lenox Ave in Harlem, The Savoy Ballroom, was considered the heart of this New York community. Hosting the best bands of the time, the newest dances were conceived here, from the Lindy Hop to the Mambo and Charleston.
Harry Jacobs Jewelers - 6005382
9.06 in H
Retailer Log-in
2020 Limited Edition. Hand numbered and limited to only 2,500 pieces.A trusted jeweler is a sure benefit, and Harry Jacobs is proud to serve our City. The window displays show examples of fine jewelry to mark any special occasion.
JT Hat Co. - 6005381
8.62 in H
Retailer Log-in
A stylish front window reminiscent of the art nouveau period during the early 1900s creates the perfect backdrop for the finest men’s hats. Highlighted is the fedora, popularized in the mid-century by gangsters, movie stars and football coaches.
Wrapped Up In Love - 6003062
2.7 in H
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Returning home from a tour of duty, a soldier receives his eagerly-anticipated welcome-home kiss from his wife as their dog jumps for joy.
Baby's First Shopping Trip - 6003061
2.17 in H
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As she sets out for a long day of Christmas shopping, a doting mother makes sure her newborn baby is warm and comfortable in their stroller.
Angels Heard On High - 6003060
2.95 in H
Retailer Log-in
In preparation for the annual children's' Christmas choir, a nun teaches three little angels to sing their lines in chorus.
Davidson's Department Store - 6003057
7.48 in H
Retailer Log-in
This old-fashioned department store is the ideal place for Villagers to do all of their Christmas shopping. Everything from toy fire engines to dressing gowns can be found within, and the holiday-decorated exterior is welcoming to shoppers of all ages.
St. Thomas Cathedral - 6003054
11.02 in H
Retailer Log-in
This gorgeous, brick-built, twin-steepled cathedral is the regal place of worship where residents of Christmas in the City gather to share in a celebration of faith each week. A magnificent addition to your Christmas in the City Village.
City News, Evening Edition - 6000579
3.75 in H
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Newsstand includes a variety of publications. Set of 2 comes with the vendor.
56th Street Station - 6000578
4.75 in H
Retailer Log-in
This subway station is LED lit and feature a door that actually revolves.
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