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Wanna-Be A Reindeer Ornament - 4054957
3.74 in H
Just what does this Snowbaby want to be when she grows up? Well, a reindeer of course so she can help Santa deliver presents Christmas Eve night! She's got the antlers and jingle bell to fit right in. The tutu is a fun, frilly addition.
Leaping With A Mouse Ornament - 4051946
2.87 in H
Hold on tight, Snowbaby! It looks like your mouse friend is taking you on quite the ride. Over the river and through the woods they go. The mouse's tail is made out of a thin metal and can be bent and shaped.
Jumping On A Rabbit Ornament - 4051945
2.36 in H
Hold on tight, Snowbaby! It looks like your rabbit friend is taking you on quite the ride. Over the river and through the woods they go.
Girls Weekend Ornament - 4051944
2.83 in H
This Snowbaby has cleared her calendar, packed her bags and is heading out for an adventurous girls-only weekend. Who knows what's in store but it's sure to be extra-fabulous! Her suitcase is embossed with 'Girl's Weekend' and she's dressed in a tutu.
Spa Day Ornament - 4051943
2.76 in H
The robe. The cucumbers. The warm towels. The soothing sounds. The mani's. The pedi's. There's nothing this Snowbaby doesn't l-o-v-e about a relaxing trip to the spa!
Lighting The Tree Ornament - 4051942
3.74 in H
No home is complete without a Christmas tree during the holidays. Luckily, this Snowbaby found the perfect tree and is working on wrapping it in festive red Christmas lights. Time to light it up!
Toting The Tree Ornament - 4051941
3.07 in H
This Snowbaby won't be showing up to the party empty handed. In fact, she's bringing fresh-out-of-the-oven cookies and a festive Christmas plant. This special ornament features hand-knit, hand-painting, sisal and flocking detail.
Ice Cream Break Ornament - 4051940
2.68 in H
Sometimes after a long day, all you really need is a friendly face, a warm smile and a pint of your favorite ice cream. That's just what this Snowbaby is going to do and has found the perfect partner. There's always time for an ice cream break!
Cookies To Share Ornament - 4051939
3.03 in H
Remember that old classroom rule: if you don't bring enough to share with everyone, don't bring it at all? Looks like this Snowbaby brought plenty of sweet treats to share. This ornament features hand-painted gingerbread cookies and a hand-knit scarf.
Warm Holiday Ornament - 4051938
3.07 in H
This Snowbaby knows how to combat the freshly fallen snow and chilly winds in Frosty Frolic Land with her flocked stocking cap, flocked muff and red winter boots adorned with jingle bells. Without a doubt, she'll be having a warm holiday.
Catnap Ornament - 4051937
1.65 in H
Make way for baby! Why should the cat get the comfiest, coziest spot in the house? Looks they're about to share a secret before they drift away for a long afternoon nap.
Selfie Ornament - 4051936
2.87 in H
Can you imagine life before selfies? I know, neither can we! How else could you single-handedly document that perfect Christmas bargain you found? Glad this Snowbaby has the technique down.
A Shepherd & Flock Shadow Box - 4051931
5.04 in H
This shepherd and his flock are keeping a close eye on the Baby Jesus as he sleeps peacefully in his manger. Shadow box is adorned with unique Dream glitter and acetate cover is hand-painted with subtle polka dots.
Dress Up Ornament - 4051929
3.15 in H
It looks like someone found their way into grandma's jewelry box and is having a great time playing dress-up! She's the prettiest Snowbaby in all of Frosty Frolic Land. This ornament features a strand of pearls and a marabou feather in her hat.
My First Puppy Ornament - 4051927
2.28 in H
Imagine you wake up Christmas morning, sneak quietly down the stairs to see what Santa had left the night before. You reach the foot of the stairs, dash to the tree to find a cuddly puppy waiting there. That's just what happened for this lucky Snowbaby.
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