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Jack Skellington - 4051983
8 in H
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A wistful Jack Skellington welcomes guests to Halloween Town in this spooky scene by Jim Shore. Handcrafted in delightful detail, the 8” stone resin figurine captures the ghoulish glee of Tim Burton’s holiday classic, “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”
Zero and dog house - 4051982
5 in H
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A ghostly Zero emerges from his graveyard dog house in this supernatural scene from “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” A thorny vine pattern heightens the spooky mood, winding around the platform base. This stone resin figurine stands 5” tall.
Seaside Mickey & Minnie - 4050413
5.5 in H
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Mickey and Minnie sure know how to make waves at the beach! Dressed in sweet summer outfits, they sculpt an impressive sandcastle. This sunny, handcrafted scene features Jim Shore’s rich color palette and whimsical charm.
Jasmine Personality Pose - 4050411
3.55 in H
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Handcrafted with an impeccable eye for detail, this personality piece is a perfect capture of Jasmine’s dreamy independence. Jim Shore’s whimsical rosemaling adds artisanal charm Aladdin lovers and folk art aficionados will cherish forever.
Belle Personality Pose - 4050410
3.5 in H
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Belle strikes a coquettish pose in this personality piece, beautifully designed by renowned folk artist, Jim Shore. Winding rose vines and Jim Shore’s signature rosemaling enhance the regal qualities of this radiant princess.
Lumiere Figurine - 4049620
4.75 in H
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Always the gracious host, Lumiere from “Beauty and the Beast” provides a welcoming light for guests of the castle. Jim Shore captures the candelabra’s debonair spirit in this stone resin figurine, beautifully handcrafted and hand-painted in fine detail.
Belle and Beast Dancing - 4049619
9.06 in H
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What better way to honor the 25th anniversary of “Beauty and the Beast” than with a beautiful handcrafted rendering of the iconic ballroom scene? Meticulously sculpted from stone resin, Belle and the Beast share a moonlight waltz and loving gaze.
Finding A Family - 4048658
5.75 in H
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In “Lilo and Stitch,” Stitch finds the true meaning of family in the pages of “The Ugly Duckling.” This 5.75” figurine captures that heartfelt scene in high-quality stone resin, handcrafted and hand-painted in exquisite detail.
What’s This? - 4039063
8.5 in H
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In this captivating sculpture, Jim Shore features the King of Pumpkin Town discovering just how fun Christmas can be! At 8.5” tall, you can almost hear him singing “What’s This?” as he uncovers the delight of the holiday.
A Splash of Fun - 4023530
4.25 in H
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Triton’s youngest daughter is a headstrong dreamer who longs for a splash of fun. This handcrafted design by Jim Shore shows Ariel lost in thought as she poses on a rock. Tonal rosemaling adds depth and texture to her tail, hand-painted in rich detail.
Jaq and Gus in Tea Cup - 4016557
4.5 in H
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Jaq and Gus peer over the top of Lady Tremaine’s teacup as they devise a plan to steal the key they need to free Cinderella. This charming 4.25” design is handcrafted from stone resin and hand-painted with colorful rosemaling motifs.
Real Sweetheart - 4009260
6 in H
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The black and white adventures of Mickey and Minnie Mouse were all the rage in the Jazz Age and still delight audiences of all ages today. Designed by Jim Shore for Disney Traditions, this 6” monochromatic scene is a salute to vintage Disney Animation.
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