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Snow Words of Wisdom - 6004215
3 in H
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A snowman tips rolls down to be eye to eye with a perplexed Snowbaby. With matching winter accessories, the pair are infatuated with one another.
Sweet Blessings Ornament - 6003549
2.75 in H
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This Snowbaby rests its eyes for just a moment while rocking the cradle back and forth. The little one inside can sleep soundly with it's protector near by. The cradle reads, "Sweet Blessings."
Choo-Choo, Baby's First Orname - 6003540
3 in H
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Atop a toy train, this Snowbaby plays conductor for the day. Celebrate baby's first Christmas with this adorable ornament complete with "Baby's 1st" charm.
Joyful Angel Ornament - 6003528
3.375 in H
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This halo-donning Snowbaby holds a decorated wreath in her sweet little hands. Festively bringing in the winter season with love.
In Santa's Boots Ornament - 6003523
3.25 in H
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This Snowbaby couldn't be cuter in Santa's boots. Trying on the big man's shoes, it's obvious this one longs to be Santa's little helper.
Don We Know Our Gay Apparel - 6003515
3.5 in H
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This Snowbaby dresses a bashful snowman in an ornamented garland. Together the pair don their gay apparel warmly.
In the Doghouse - 6003512
3.875 in H
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Everybody needs a mentor. This puppy has one in this good-natured Snowbaby. With matching handkerchiefs, the baby teaches the puppy how to be a dog. On all fours, the baby sits inside the doghouse holding a doggie bowl in front of the pair.
Chatty Catty - 6003507
3 in H
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Eye to eye, Snowbaby and feline, exchange words and meows. Together the pair are real chatty cattys.
A Kiss for the Man I Love - 6003483
4 in H
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This sweet Snowbaby gives a wet kiss to its favorite man. With a top hat and carrot nose, he's never looked more handsome. The pair make a darling couple.
Won't You Be My Neighbor? - 6003467
5.5 in H
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This Snowbaby is determined to get some new neighbors. Attaching a birdhouse to a tree, three cardinals sit eager to move in. The Snowbaby has even made a welcome sign which reads, "Home Sweet Home."
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