Scott Enter


As Department 56 celebrates the 40th Anniversary of our company, we pay tribute to our artists who draw, create and collaborate on hundreds of new products each year.

Scott Enter has designed hundreds of Village lit buildings, accessories and general animated pieces since he started working at Department 56 in 1990. His first project, The Original Snow Village "Green House" (56.54020, 1991-1995), was planned as an accessory but Scott, who loves to tinker with technology, figured out how to make it light. Scott can be credited with upgrading numerous additions to The Original Snow Village, Snow Village Halloween and other Villages over the years. "Collectors are always asking us to add more sound and animation to their Villages, which prompts me to keep thinking creatively on how to make the Villages come alive."

We asked Scott to tell about one of his favorite introductions for 2016 and it is “Sweet Trappings Cottage” for the Original Snow Village Halloween. “I feel like the sculptors did a really nice job of capturing the detail and feeling of the candy corn on the roof. And the colors are spectacular.”

When designing new lit pieces, have you ever completed a design knowing that you would have to make changes because it was too big, too complicated or incorporated too much technology? But you did it anyway because you loved the concept? “Many pieces we design are much more elaborate and detailed in the beginning, unfortunately there are times when a design must be simplified, such as removing an attachment or lighting feature to make the piece more reasonable.”

Department 56 the leader and gold standard in lighted collectible Villages, is part of the Enesco family of brands and is located in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.