Cynthia Markle


When Cynthia Markle joined the Department 56 Creative Team in 1992 she immediately became a dynamic addition, never afraid of infusing her work with humor and a sense of purpose, capturing the essence of the Villages with every design she creates.  Originally hired to assist with art projects and graphic design, Cynthia now works closely with each artist to make sure that the accessory fits with the lighted piece without detracting from the exterior details. "I love what I do!"

Because Cynthia is so versatile in her abilities she is often called upon to design other products. In the last couple of years Cynthia has spent a great deal of time working on "Classic Brands" -- Village and giftware items that have great appeal with our collectors of Disney, the Grinch, Peanuts and other iconic brands. This past year she designed a line called "Snoopy By Design", Snoopy figurines standing less than three inches tall.  "I love them they're clever, poignant and fun!"

"My favorite Village to work on is definitely The Original Snow Village. It's the 1950s and 60's Americana that evokes memories of my own childhood, neighborhood, church, school and friends." She often reaches back to find photos of family and friends to use as inspiration in some of her accessory designs, so watch closely and see if you end up in one of Cynthia's designs!

As a fan of anything Western, Cynthia was delighted to see the addition of a western-style ghost town to Snow Village Halloween. "After talking about it for fifteen years, we finally got one!"

When not at Department 56 Cynthia enjoys sculpting, modeling in clay, using the lost wax process and casting in bronze. She has received local recognition for some of her bronze sculptures. She also loves gardening and riding her horse on the hobby farm she shares with her husband and two dogs.

Department 56 the leader and gold standard in lighted collectible Villages, is part of the Enesco family of brands and is located in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.