Barb Lund


As Department 56 celebrates the 40th Anniversary of our company, we pay tribute to our artists who draw, create and collaborate on hundreds of new products each year.

Barbara Lund designs Village pieces for Dickens' Village, New England Village, and the North Pole for the last 27 years. She started as “an apprentice to my father (Neilan Lund) for many years and now feeling completely versed in creating these buildings. In these years we have seen a great escalation in the ability of our factories to implement more challenging designs and offer greater interest to the public.”

Barbara was moved to share with us a story of one of her favorite new pieces for 2016. “Last summer I was putting the final touches on the third version of “Bethlehem” that will be released this year. My father drew the first after he and my mother visited the Holy Land which they loved deeply. They traveled in a less troubled time and were able to really absorb the environment, the people and the antiquities. Our third version of Bethlehem goes back to some of my father’s earlier inspiration and away from some the more ornate offerings sold by other companies. We hope it can be a cornerstone for new families who have not yet found a Nativity.”

We asked Barbara if she were not designing houses for Department 56, what other profession might she pursue. “I have drawn Department 56 for so many years I almost can’t imagine another profession though travel holds great appeal. The world certainly has become more connected since I began this work but I continue to believe that we can’t really understand other cultures and places until we visit them. I have been lucky to visit many wonderful places but there are so many more I’d like to understand. I think the more exposure I have to real places, the better I will become at translating what I have seen and felt into the porcelain pieces.

Department 56, the leader and gold standard in lighted collectible Villages, is part of the Enesco family of brands and is located in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.