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Petals Figurine - 4041039
6.2 in H
Artist: Paula Holoman Peonies are pink, they’re beautiful, it’s true. This Painted Pony, was created just for you. She is kind and loving, and pretty as can be. Her name is, Petals, and she loves to run free…
Empress of the Winds Figurine - 4041038
8.4 in H
Artist: Stefanie Schaetzchen There are the Winds of Time which span history and the Winds of Change, which mark transformations. Then there are the Winds of Dawn, which signal renewal. All of these, from The Empress of the Winds.
Krystal Knight Figurine - 4040978
8.7 in H
Artist: Wendi D. Beesley The tale of Krystal Knight, a beautiful blue mare adorned with crystals and pearls who roamed the countryside and forests with a hot-blooded black steed that was dressed in armor, trained for war, and loved her dearly.
Follow Your Dreams Figurine - 4036431
9 in H
Unicorns are more than a horse with a horn. They are creatures of beauty, magic, mystery, gentleness and purity that have the power to take us wonderful places, and make our dreams come true.
Black Jack Figurine - 4034630
7 in H
Did you know that Blackjack is the most popular card game in the world? Gambling houses offered a bonus to player's whose hands contained the ace of spades and a black jack. Blackjack became the official name of the most exciting card game in America!
Horse Play Figurine - 4027291
8.5 in H
Artist: Vickie Knepper-Adrian This Painted Pony is all about the games we play…  and games that introduced us to friendships that lasted a lifetime.
Storm Rider Figurine - 4026392
7 in H
Artist: Rod Barker and Lauren Reeser; Z-bolts of lightning flash like jagged spears thrown by an angry mythological god. A sudden loud crack of thunder,rain, snow and hail pour from above, as Storm Rider charges across the landscape like a wild stallion.
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