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Lilo Hugging Stitch - 4043643
4.875 in H
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Take home the dynamic duo, Lilo and Stitch, in accurate and stunning detail. This handcrafted stone resin figurine shows Lilo giving her new little buddy a wholehearted hug, reminding us that, in a family, “no one gets left behind or forgotten.”
Jack Skellington - 4039063
8.5 in H
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In this captivating sculpture, Jim Shore features the King of Pumpkin Town discovering just how fun Christmas can be! At 8.5” tall, you can almost hear him singing “What’s This?” as he uncovers the delight of the holiday.
Dreaming Under The Sea - 4037501
6.25 in H
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He loves me, he loves me not. Ariel dreams of a future with Prince Eric as Flounder and Sebastian float nearby. Jim Shore created this beautiful stone resin figurine to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Disney’s “The Little Mermaid.”
Mickey Mouse Personality Pose - 4032853
4.875 in H
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It all started with a mouse! Jim Shore captures the official Disney mascot in a classic jaunty pose in this handcrafted Personality Pose. Sculpted from stone resin, the smiling figure is hand-painted with rich colors and charming folk art details.
Beauty and Beast Storybook - 4031483
6 in H
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This hand-painted storybook figurine celebrates the legendary romance of Belle and the Beast. Crafted from high-quality stone resin, its open page design reveals the pair’s memorable ballroom moment, flanked by a very enthusiastic Lumiere and Cogsworth.
Beauty-Beast Carved by Heart - 4031487
7.75 in H
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Jim Shore continues his Carved by Heart series with this rustic homage to Disney's “Beauty and the Beast.” Its handcrafted design commemorates the classic story with intricately sculpted replicas of its most beloved characters.
Snow White Carved by Heart - 4023573
8 in H
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A Disney collection isn’t complete without the one that started them all! This stunning sculpture presents the key characters from the 1937 masterpiece, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” in a rustic tableau, handcrafted and hand-painted in rich detail.
A Splash of Fun - 4023530
4.25 in H
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Triton’s youngest daughter is a headstrong dreamer who longs for a splash of fun. This handcrafted design by Jim Shore shows Ariel lost in thought as she poses on a rock. Tonal rosemaling adds depth and texture to her tail, hand-painted in rich detail.
Jaq and Gus in Tea Cup - 4016557
4.5 in H
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Jaq and Gus peer over the top of Lady Tremaine’s teacup as they devise a plan to steal the key they need to free Cinderella. This charming 4.25” design is handcrafted from stone resin and hand-painted with colorful rosemaling motifs.
Stitch Personality Pose - 4016555
3.75 in H
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Jim Shore recreates the mischievous alien from “Lilo and Stitch” with brightly colored detail. Handcrafted and hand-painted, the grinning hero is a sweet reminder that it takes all sorts, even the troublemakers.
Tinker Bell, A Pixie Delight - 4011754
5 in H
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Spunky, rebellious Tinker Bell poses coyly in this Personality Pose by Jim Shore. Skilled artisans sculpt the handcrafted design from high-quality stone resin and hand-paint every detail for a flawless finish.
Touch of Magic - 4010023
4.25 in H
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Enjoy Mickey Mouse in his most acclaimed role as Sorcerer Mickey, seen through the eyes of one of America's premier artists, Jim Shore. Gleaming with gilded accents and a golden wand, Sorcerer Mickey is the perfect “Touch of Magic” for your home.
Seven Dwarfs - 4005434
8.25 in H
Retailer Log-in
Heigh-ho, heigh-ho! Snow White’s beloved dwarfs are headed home after a long day of digging in this intricately sculpted stone resin figurine. The handcrafted design commemorates an iconic scene from the 1937 classic, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.”
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