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Anna Couture de Force - 4045772
8 in H
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Anna from Arendelle makes her triumphant debut to Disney Couture de Force. She is 'the picture of sophisticated grace' with her upswept hair, faux jewel necklace, freckled complexion and shimmery coronation gown. Collect both Elsa & Anna.
Anna from Frozen Fever - 4053356
8.5 in H
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It's Anna's birthday in this colorful bust inspired by Disney’s “Frozen Fever.” Dressed in her springtime best, the braided beauty carries a loaf of bread in one hand and bouquet of flowers in the other. Nordic sunflowers detail the birthday cake base.
Elsa and Olaf Frozen Fever - 4053355
8.5 in H
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In Disney’s “Frozen Fever,” Elsa plans a birthday surprise for Anna! Just one problem — Elsa is sick, and each time she sneezes, tiny snowmen pop out. This beautiful bust shows Elsa holding two of her creations, while Olaf and the rest detail the base.
Anna Maquette - 4051308
10.24 in H
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The original animation maquette in the company's collection was unpainted and did not include Anna's signature cape. For this limited-edition reproduction, a sculpted cape was added under the supervision of Disney’s “Frozen” art director.
Elsa as seen in Frozen Fever - 4051096
8 in H
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Elsa celebrates spring — and her sister's birthday — in the 2015 animated short, “Frozen Fever.” Trading her icy blue dress for a lush green gown, she proves she is a sight for all seasons. Lilac Nordic flowers decorate her bodice and glittering cape.
Anna as seen in Frozen Fever - 4051095
8 in H
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Anna celebrates her birthday in the 2015 animated short, Disney’s “Frozen Fever,” and is seen in a brand new dress. Nordic sunflowers decorate the gown’s circle skirt and Anna’s braided updo, accented by spring-hued hair ribbons.
Anna from Frozen Fever - 4050882
7.25 in H
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Wearing a beautiful sky blue dress and embracing a bouquet of fresh-picked sunflowers, this colorful image of Anna from the Disney short film Frozen Fever features the heartwarming design that is unmistakably Jim Shore.
Elsa's Cinematic Moment - 4049616
10.04 in H
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Disney Showcase recreates the show stopping cinematic moment when Elsa declares to the world she's embracing her true self. Standing 10" tall with an impressive arm span, every detail in Elsa's iconic dress is captured.
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