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Bear Fairy wMushroom - 4051043
4.125 in H
Standing on tip-toe sweet Lecia is visiting her ladybug friend over by the enchanted pink mushroom. Her delicate glittery wings and pink and blue fairy outfit are sure to inspire your own imagination.
Bear Dressed as Dutch - 4049736
4.25 in H
Cherished Teddies is happy to announce the start of a new series Around the World. The second in the series is Van dressed as a Dutch Peasant. He is pulling a toy cart made of a wood galosh and has potted tulips next to him.
Bear Wearing a British Guard - 4049735
4.5 in H
Cherished Teddies is happy to announce the start of a new series Around the World. The first in the series is Geordie dressed as a British Royal Guard. He wears a full-dress uniform with red tunic and bearskin hat.
Bear Skating In Red Outfit - 4049734
4 in H
Madeline is enjoying a nice winter day skating. She is dressed in a pink dress with fur trim and wears a pink scarf with matching hat. She joined her best friend Analise sku number 4047374 for a fun filled day. Collect both and display together.
Bear Wearing Snowsuit - 4049733
4 in H
Brandt has some new winter bird friends. He is dressed in a warm snowman outfit with black coal buttons; a white and blue scarf and blue mittens. He lost his carrot in the snow.
Bear Standing On Bridge - 4049732
4.5 in H
Angelique is enjoying a walk outside and has stopped to look at the frozen pond covered with thick ice and glistening snow.
Bear Baking Apple Pie - 4049729
4 in H
Maggie enjoys everything about baking. She is making her favorite apple pie so she can share with her Cherished Teddies Friends.
2015 Harvest/Halloween PPK12PC - 4046966
The new 2015 Harvest PPK includes all the new Harvest and Halloween items - a 12PC ppk. A must have for a complete offering of the new CT fall collectible figurines.
Patriotic Bear/Tricy - 4045996
4.125 in H
Hearkening back to early American days, lovable Lyndi is certainly a colonial cutie in her patriotic dress, apron and cap. She waves a homemade flag in red, white and blue while riding her scooter in the parade to show her devoted love for her homeland.
Playing Trumpet - 4045995
3.875 in H
Barbeques, parades, fireworks – it must be Independence Day! Playing a patriotic tune on his shiny brass trumpet, young Garth marches proudly in his home town's Fourth of July parade. He has even donned his white sailor suit and hat for the occasion.
Sunbathing/Drink - 4045993
2.875 in H
Bear/Mom Sign/Flower - 4045992
3.75 in H
A mother who is always thoughtful and loving deserves to be acknowledged in a beautiful way. Sweetly dressed and holding a blue bouquet, this teddie shares a touching message. With a “Mom” banner at her base, there is no question as to who she honors.
Sending/Letter/Bird - 4044696
4 in H
Standing on tip-toe, sweet Emmaline shares a special moment with a feathered friend who is perched upon a heart-speckled mushroom. Her delicate wings and sage green and pale pink fairy outfit are sure to inspire your own imaginative flights of fancy.
Bear Fairie Playing/ - 4044689
4 in H
While taking her morning stroll, Adeline stops for a moment to ponder the silent ripples she has made by stirring a clear brook with a slender leaf so green. One glance at her delicate pose and you'll be reminded to find fun and beauty in the unexpected.
Bear Walking Dog - 4045935
3.875 in H
In no rush to get out of the rain, Larissa and her faithful puppy wait for a sweet pair of ducklings to cross. Both dressed in their rain gear, they are happy to be together, jumping through puddles and taking in the scents, sounds and scenery of spring.
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