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Fake News Teaching Mug - 6008720
4.5 in H
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Don’t believe everything you read, especially when it’s on a coffee cup. This headline is certainly fake news, but it might just strike a chord of sarcastic truth in the classroom. After all teaching is as easy as riding a bike - if it was on fire!
Thank You Teacher Engraved Mug - 6008026
4 in H
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Extend your thank you to a once a day occurrence with this color mug by Our Name is Mud. Emboldened on a coffee cup, your thank you will warm beverages and hearts with each sip. Profess your appreciation for a teacher with this sweet token.
Teacher Off Duty Floral Tumble - 6008002
4.6 in H
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Teachers work long hours with additional hours of grading papers and preparing classwork in between. Off duty they can be found far away from the classroom, tumbler in hand. Ease a teacher’s afternoons with this tumbler, suitable for any subject.
Embroidered Teacher TeaTowel - 6007548
18.5 in H
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Keep the kitchen tidy and bonds tight with this personalized tea towel made for nurses. Colorful embroidery creates a stylish statement and salutes them for their guidance in your life. A playful message reads: "You put the cool in school!"
Teacher Heart Ornament - 6006494
4.53 in H
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Give an angel to the person who embodies one in your life. Even without wings, you know a teacher that soars. Celebrate her and all of her love with this sweet Christmas angel. This endearing ornament brings grace and gratitude to any tree.
0.12 in H
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The classroom can be a messy place, and so can the kitchen! This tea towel is a gift that's both practical and pleasing for your favorite teacher. The 100% cotton towel makes both a handy accessory and a heartfelt reminder of gratitude.
4.8 in H
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A teacher is a gift of wisdom and guidance. Guide their hand to this glass for a lesson in Oenology (the study of wine)! It makes a delightful gift with it's heartfelt message and sketch. Cheers in this chalice to make every toast to the teachers.
1 in H
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A teacher is a gift of wisdom and guidance, give your favorite one a gift they can enjoy all semester long. This spoon rest is both fun and functional and will keep your teacher's kitchen clean, even when the classroom's messy!
0.8 in H
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This oven mit will keep your hands cool and hearts warmed. A teacher is a gift of wisdom and guidance, give your favorite one a gift they can enjoy all semester long. Perhaps they'll do some learning of their own, cooking up new recipes!
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Teacher Mug with Silicone Lid - 6006410
5.7 in H
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The apple is a timeless symbol for teachers. In the 1700s, struggling families would pay teachers in apples for their children's education. Apples are also thought to be the fruit of knowledge. To this teacher however, it means the coffee is hot!
Teacher Retractable ID Clip - 6006385
0.6 in H
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An ID badge is a quintessential part of a teacher's uniform. Why not wear it with style? This retractable ID clip by Our Name is Mud takes Teacher Life to a whole new level of fashion.
Teacher Classroom Tumbler - 6006384
7.87 in H
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This stainless steel tumbler is perfect for a teacher on the move. With a long day of learning and a dozen other things ahead, they'll need it to stay awake. Celebrate the ones that never stop with this stimulating get-up-and-go mug.
Teachers Grade Mug - 6006383
4.75 in H
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Teachers have homework every night of the week. With lessons to plan and papers to grade, they don't get a night off either. Give your favorite teacher something to look forward to on long nights spent with a red pen - a stylish new mug.
Brave Teacher Mug - 6006382
4.5 in H
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This mug is crested with pencils and a shield. A sobering message reads "Teaching is the Most Powerful Weapon to Change the World". It is up to our teachers to show the next generation how to lead the world to better places. Toast to that bravery.
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