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Mini Fox in Witch's Hat - 6001552
4 in H
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The Pint-Size collection is comprised of unique Jim Shore creations in smaller, giftable sizes. Handcrafted in stone resin and hand-painted with charming folk art details, this witchy 4” fox makes a sweet Halloween statement.
Scarecrow with Pumpkin Head - 6001543
10.24 in H
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Handcrafted in Jim Shore’s whimsical folk art style, this charming scarecrow guards the bounty of the season. A fearless crow eyes the snack he’s gathered from the field. The 10.24” figurine is sculpted from stone resin and hand-painted in rich detail.
Harvest Owl on Pumpkin - 6001542
6.1 in H
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Welcome fall with this handcrafted figurine’s warm hues and striking design. A wise owl sits perched on a pumpkin, hand-painted with a soft autumnal scene. Jim Shore’s signature rosemaling and quilt patterns add folk art-inspired charm.
Harvest Cornucopia - 6001541
5.5 in H
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This hand-painted cornucopia centerpiece is a heartfelt tribute to the bounty of the season. Handcrafted from stone resin in delicious detail, this holiday heirloom features Jim Shore’s unique folk art style and rich color palette.
Lucy Thanksgiving Pie Stand - 6000979
6.1 in H
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Lucy trades her usual psychiatrist gig for a chef’s hat, transforming the booth into a Thanksgiving Pie bake sale. Handcrafted in the heartwarming folk art style of Jim Shore, this “Peanuts” figurine features warm autumnal hues and subtle quilt patterns.
New Harvest 7 Pc Prepack - 4061144
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Create a new Harvest statement with this prepack
Pilgrim Riding Turkey - 4058840
8.25 in H
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. This amusing handcrafted figurine turns tradition on its head, showing a pilgrim riding a turkey instead of sidling up to a Thanksgiving feast. Colorful folk art motifs detail the handcrafted bird’s body and feathers.
Pilgrim Scene in Cornucopia - 4058776
5.31 in H
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This delightful Cornucopia design features a colorful Pilgrim pair surrounded by the bounty of the season. Handcrafted in intricate detail, this holiday centerpiece combines the folk art style and attention to detail that is unmistakably Jim Shore.
Pint Sized Pheasant with Corn - 4053858
6 in H
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The Pint-Size collection is comprised of unique Jim Shore creations in smaller, giftable sizes. Sculpted from stone resin in exquisite detail, this 6” pheasant holds its own in any design scheme.
Turkey/Moveable Pilgrim - 4053598
9.5 in H
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Jim Shore's bountiful Harvest centerpiece features a Thanksgiving turkey atop harvest crops. With a gentle touch of the hand, rotate the disk at the base, and Pilgrims and Native American friends rotate around the base to complete this festive scene.
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