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Thing 1 and Thing 2 Ornament - 6007797
4.53 in H
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Thing One and Two are an inseparable pair of bothersome brothers dressed in Red, White and Blue. The twins may cause mischief with their playful antics, but their patriotic spirit is true. Hanging from your tree, this ornament is certainly someTHING
Cat In The Hat Ornament - 6007507
5.31 in H
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Cat in the Hat was born in America. Wearing his iconic red striped hat, the feline adds a blue starred ribbon to show his patriotism. Hands folded at his side, the cunningly cool cat stands regal in respect for his flag and commemorates his country.
Patriotic Cat In The Hat - 6007506
9.84 in H
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This election season, vote Cat! The smooth talking, bow-tie-wearing feline prides himself on creative maneuvers and unthinkable plans. He'd probably make a dashing president, he certainly has a patriotic spirit and hat to match!
JS Dr Seuss New 2020 PPK - 4062514
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MIni Patirotic Kitten - 6006443
3.5 in H
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This kitten WANTS YOU to give it pets! As any cat owner knows, the little tykes love tight spaces and will crawl into just about anything. This one has found itself cuddled inside Uncle Sam's hat. The patriotic Jim Shore piece is simply purr-fect.
Mini Patriotic Puppy - 6006442
3.5 in H
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America loves dogs, and this dog loves America. With a flag bandana tied around his neck, this canine belongs to the USA. Jim Shore rosemaling makes this patriotic puppy absolutely fetching.
Patriotic Stacked Birds - 6006441
7.72 in H
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Did these birds plan this or is this branch just a happening spot? Stacked together, a red, white, and blue bird perch patriotically in this Jim Shore figurine. With stars along the blue bird's belly and stripe-like feathers these three are a trio.
Angel With Flag - 6006440
7.01 in H
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Eyes closed reverently, this Jim Shore angel holds a folded flag in her hands. In solemn memory to all those lost in war, this Jim Shore figurine pays tribute to the sacrifice and allegiance of our nation's finest. A fine ode to the strength of soldiers
Stemless Home of the Brave - 6005677
4.53 in H
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American soldiers fight for our freedom everyday, and yet it is only once a year that we have a holiday to recognize them. Go a step further with this star spangled stemless wine glass and toast the Home of the Brave with every sip.
Wine Glass Land of the Free - 6005672
8.84 in H
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This patriotic wine glass sparkles with stars, stripes, and American pride. With glitter accents and stunning color, this gorgeous goblet is a nationalistic necessity. Give a toast to freedom and celebrate the liberty of the land beneath your feet.
White Woodland Patriotic Angel - 6005256
9.1 in H
Retailer Log-in
With an Eagle perched on her arm and Old Glory etched on her gown, this White Woodland Angel features the timeless symbols of our freedom. Handcrafted in Jim Shore’s signature style, she is a heartfelt tribute to the United States of America.
Patriotic 16 Pc Prepack - 4062313
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Mickey and Pluto Patriotic - 6005975
7 in H
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What is more American than a man and his dog? In this case, that man is a mouse, Mickey and he wears a wide smile as he waves the red, white and blue flag proudly. Jim Shore celebrates patriotism with Disney's favorite duo, both born in the USA.
Mini Snoopy Patriotic - 6005951
1.5 in H
Retailer Log-in
Born in the USA, the Peanuts is as classic Americana as red, white and blue. Jim Shore adapts Charles M. Schulz's creations to construct a vision that is just that: patriotic and fantastic!
Patriotic Button and Squeaky - 6005123
6.1 in H
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The men and women of our military put their lives on the line to protect the peace and liberty we all enjoy. Thank you for your sacrifice. Thank you for your service! Button and Squeaky are designed by artist Jim Shore.
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