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Victorian Snowman/Wreath Orn - 6009498
4.72 in H
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This Jim Shore Victorian snowman holds a wreath while a timeless winter scene plays across his chest. A smile on his face and a top hat on his head, he is ready for whatever the season brings. This snowman is brimmed in holly and holiday wonder.
Wonderland Snowman/Snowflake - 6009486
5.7 in H
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This charming little Jim Shore snowman shares a smile and a snowflake this holiday season. Sparkling in humor and artistry, this adorable snowman dons a top hat fitted with holly as he showcases a delicate snowflake, one of winter's simplest joys.
Wonderland Snowman/Animals - 6009483
7.87 in H
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This Jim Shore Winter snowman smiles cheerily surrounded by his furry and feathered companions. Love in his heart, he shines with friendliness and fascination. With snowflake buttons and hat brimmed with holly, he extends joy to all, great and small.
Red & Green Snowman Ornament - 6009470
4.72 in H
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This classic red and green snowman is beautifully decorated with Jim Shore's unique combination of quilt patterns and folk art motifs. Decked out in traditional colors of Christmas, a winter scene shows a cozy holiday in the woods.
Snowman with Cardinal Nest Orn - 6009469
4.72 in H
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This Jim Shore snowman ornament is the king of the woods. Wearing a cardinal's nest as a crown, he is thrilled to be in company of feathered friends. Gathering holly for the beautiful birds, this snowman knows home is wherever there's love.
Snowman with Tree Ornament - 6009468
4.72 in H
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This Jim Shore snowman ornament cherishes every moment of Christmas. Bundled in a scarf and Santa hat, he sets up a tree lovingly. Wearing gloves he makes sure the little pine doesn't blow away in the blustery winter day.
Jolly Snowmen Wine Glass - 6009415
9.05 in H
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Some days it's best to just stay in and Let It Snow. Watch it as it falls while you stay warm to your toes with this festive glass by Lolita. Adorned in snowmen and wreathes in holiday hues, this glass was specifically sculpted to serve winter wine.
Snowman Holding Nativity Stabl - 6009402
9.5 in H
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Every holiday season we surround ourselves with symbols of comfort that inspire winter wonder. What is greater of these than the humble snowman? This one reminds us of the true reason for the season as he delicately holds a Nativity creche.
Crayola Snowman Mini Figurine - 6009138
3.54 in H
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Sliding into the Christmas season, this Crayola snowman by Jim Shore, smiles between your tree limbs with holiday humor. With a Crayola box sled skied with crayons, this creative snow-goer glides through the season in astonishing color.
Crayola Snowman - 6009134
7.68 in H
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This Crayola Jim Shore snowman shines above the rest. With a crayon cap, this colorful work of snow art smiles with crafty complexion. With a scarf reminiscent of a Crayola box, this dapper snowman saturates the season with creativity.
Snowman with Plaid Vest - 6009127
10.04 in H
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With a guiding lantern in his cold clasp, this smiling Country Living snowman by Jim Shore directs deliveries to your door. Wearing a buffalo plaid sweater vest and holly brimmed hat, this smiling snowman is happy to help this holiday season.
Frosty Dated 2021 Ornament - 6009109
4 in H
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First released in 1969, Frosty the Snowman still delights children and adults alike fifty years later. Take home some of the holiday nostalgia this year with this dashing 2021 ornament by Jim Shore. Celebrate another milestone the Christmas magic.
Frosty and Friends in Train - 6009108
6.69 in H
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Steering a Christmas train around town, Frosty the Snowman by Jim Shore, makes a dashing conductor. Smiling brightly at the children they pass, the snowman guides the engine while Professor Hinkle and Hocus Pocus wave from the train car.
Frosty Next to Mailbox - 6009107
7 in H
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With a corn cob pipe and his top hat, Frosty the famous snowman makes his way to the mail box. Addressed to Santa and sealed with a stamp, this letter will make its way to the North Pole. Bring this magical Jim Shore piece home for Christmas.
Snowman/Gift & Candy Cane Mini - 6009009
3.5 in H
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This jolly Jim Shore snowman is feeling the winter spirit in this sweet miniature. With a Santa hat and candy, cane he's geared up for a sweet holiday. With a beautifully wrapped present in tow, he's ready to share his good mood with friends.
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