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Santa with Tree Ornament - 6007451
4.65 in H
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Wearing a glorious patchwork cloak Santa holds a shepherd's crook. This festively dressed Jim Shore Father Christmas ornament has holly in his hat and a tree in his hand, he's ready for the holidays and a seat on your tree.
Santa with Tree - 6007446
10.43 in H
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Wearing a glorious patchwork cloak, this Jim Shore Santa holds a shepherd's crook. Festively dressed, Father Christmas carries a tree home this year. With holly in his hat and garland at his feet, he's ready for the holidays.
Santa with Farm Scene - 6007445
9.06 in H
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With a pitchfork in hand, this Jim Shore Santa holds a rooster, giddy for a Christmas at the homestead. With a ranch scene upon his cloak, Santa prepares for a holiday on the farm. Dressed in an apron, he'll do some chores that don't involve toys.
Lock, Shock & Barrel w/Santa - 6007076
9.2 in H
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Lock, Shock, and Barrel have cancelled Christmas. The mischievous brothers have kidnapped Santa himself and are now subjecting him to who knows what! With sinister smiles to make Jack Skellington proud, this Jim Shore effigy delights and frights.
Rudolph & Santa W/List HO - 6006793
3.5 in H
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Santa goes over the long list of deliveries with his lead reindeer in this lively ornament. Preparing for a long night, the two share a moment of calm before the bustle of a blustering night. Get ready for your own Christmas Eve with Rudolph.
Santa Hugging Rudolph, LIted - 6006788
6.1 in H
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No Christmas season is complete without a Rudolph viewing party! And folk art aficionado, Jim Shore, has just the center piece for the evening. With a glowing red-nose Rudolph and Santa smile gracefully in this stunning figurine. Battery operated timer
Filipino Santa Ornament - 6006675
4.5 in H
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Wearing a traditional salakót and black fur trimmed coat, Santa loves Christmas in Philippines. Of course, Santa loves Christmas anywhere! Holding a Filipino Capiz wreath with delight, he's giddy to celebrate his favorite holiday in the East.
Belgian Santa Ornament - 6006674
4.5 in H
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Wearing traditional robes Belgian Santa holds a shepherd's crook and bell in his hands. With beautiful patterns and a customary Christmas cap, Santa goes by a different name in Belgium. Be generous and St. Niklaas might just gift you some Yule log.
African American Santa W/Gif - 6006673
10 in H
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A holiday morning scene carved upon his cloak, Santa smiles brightly in this sweet Jim Shore piece. With arms full of gifts and a heart filled with love, blessed is the giver this Christmas.
Santa With Cardinals HO - 6006672
4.33 in H
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Holding a string of cardinals, Santa shares a splendid winter scene. Loving all of the season's sights and sounds, Santa's celebrates his favorite time of year with love in his heart. He's longing for a seat on your Christmas tree.
Regal Santa Ornament - 6006671
4.53 in H
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Santa is a king at Christmas. Looking regal in this intricately patterned cloak, he walks with a owl topped staff in hand. Strutting into December with purpose, the holiday season is Santa's homecoming, and he's dressed to the nines!
Santa With Winter Scene Orn - 6006670
4.57 in H
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A winter village in the distance, Santa walks a winding path with a satchel of holly and holiday tidings. He is ravishing in his intricately carved Christmas cloak and bag. With a smile upon his face he begins his next batch of deliveries.
Santa Riding Moose Ornament - 6006669
4.5 in H
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Santa doesn't always travel by reindeer. For local deliveries he relies on a different antlered friend. A majestic moose steers Santa to new heights this holiday season.
Santa With Baby Jesus HO - 6006668
3.35 in H
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Santa knows Christmas isn't really about presents and pine trees. Watching over a sleeping Baby Jesus, Santa's heart is filled with love and awe by the true reason for the season.
Lapland Santa W/Lantern Orn - 6006667
4.61 in H
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This Jim Shore Lapland Santa holds a guiding lantern to light up the night. On a recruiting mission to find reindeer for his sleigh, Santa will make some new friends in the forest. Reindeer play in the snow and greet Santa with excitement.
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