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Rudolph Dated Ornament - 6006795
4.13 in H
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Each Christmas marks another year completed, and family memories shared. Commemorate this year's festivities with this gentle ornament starring a much beloved red-nosed reindeer. Rudolph glides into 2020 smiling.
Rudolph Wrapped In Lights HO - 6006794
4.06 in H
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Rudolph isn't leading any sleighs in this condition. Tangled in lights, this hoofed hero is going to need some help getting out of your tree. Then again, he looks awfully cute there doesn't he? Celebrate Christmas with a red nose among the lights.
Rudolph & Santa W/List HO - 6006793
3.5 in H
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Santa goes over the long list of deliveries with his lead reindeer in this lively ornament. Preparing for a long night, the two share a moment of calm before the bustle of a blustering night. Get ready for your own Christmas Eve with Rudolph.
Leaping Rudolph With Bells - 6006792
8.46 in H
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Rudolph prances over this lovely winter scene with a collar of bells around his neck. Gleeful in heart and graceful in style, this Jim Shore figurine steals the show. With immaculate detail this piece is its own Christmas miracle.
Bumble With Rudolph - 6006791
7.48 in H
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The abominable snowman, Bumble, was feared throughout the North Pole. But, much like the unpopular reindeer, Rudolph, he had a lot more to offer than expected. Smiling together in this sweet Jim Shore figurine, these two underdogs truly shine.
Rudolph & Clarice Laying Down - 6006790
4 in H
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Rudolph and Clarice, huddle together in this lovely Jim Shore piece. Clarice loves and accepts Rudolph for who he is, the Red-Nosed Reindeer! This sweet figurine will bring warmth to your heart and home and make you appreciate your true friends!
Rudolph With Sleigh Scene - 6006789
7.64 in H
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This elegant effigy by Jim Shore tells a story of perseverance on its side. The red-nosed reindeer, who was once shunned by his peers for being different, now stands triumphant. Rudolph still inspires, year after year, and will brighten your home.
Santa Hugging Rudolph, LIted - 6006788
6.1 in H
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No Christmas season is complete without a Rudolph viewing party! And folk art aficionado, Jim Shore, has just the center piece for the evening. With a glowing red-nose Rudolph and Santa smile gracefully in this stunning figurine. Battery operated timer
Santa on Sleigh with Reindeer - 6006635
7 in H
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Santa begins the most important night of the year with wind in his hair. Pulled by a magnificent reindeer, Santa and his sleigh lift off the north pole tarmac in this brilliant Jim Shore piece. Positivity packed with presents, it'll be a long night.
Nordic Noel Reindeer - 6006621
9.75 in H
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Get lost in the Nordic north this holiday. This gorgeous reindeer by Jim Shore is ravishing in red and white designs. With a wreath around it's neck and impressive antlers, he's a sight to see this season.
Holiday Lustre Santa/Reindeer - 6006615
10 in H
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Santa approaches his reindeer friend with a calm hand and sweet smile. With a bag full of carrots to share, this golden pair remind us it costs nothing to be kind. Spread the love this season with this rich scene designed by Jim Shore.
Wdlnd Rudolph W/Friends - 6004147
5.75 in H
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Rudolph gathers with Woodland Animal Friends Beautifully designed in Jim Shore's folk art style, each piece is handcrafted in exquisite detail.
Rudolph & Santa W/List - 6004143
6.5 in H
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In this festive Jim Shore design, Rudolph and Santa prepare for Christmas as they look over Santa's list. Rudolph Traditions combines familiar holiday characters with Jim Shore's unique folk art and quilting style.
Wine Glass Visions of Reindeer - 6002984
9.05 in H
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Elegant reindeer prance and dance across this holiday glass. The dazzling design is sure to inspire you to get blitzed this season, so steer clear of sleigh driving. Arrives in a beautiful gift box with signature recipe. Hand wash only.
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