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Miss Mindy Vinyl - Tinker Bell - 6001675
7.09 in H
Retailer Log-in
Fly away to Neverland with Miss Mindy's radiant rendition of Tinker Bell! She gives a sassy wink and is adorned with puffed sleeves, translucent wings and a star-topped wand in hand. You can trust this fairy will sprinkle more magic into your life!
Tinker Bell - 6001299
8.86 in H
Retailer Log-in
Fly away to Neverland with Romero Britto's Tinker Bell! Tink sits atop a mushroom with a charming, impish smile. At 8.86" tall, this eye-catching, modern interpretation of the iconic pixie makes a stunning statement piece for your Disney collection.
Tinker Bell 100 MM - 4060213
Retailer Log-in
Take flight with this glimmering Tinker Bell Waterball! This Disney Showcase piece is immersed in resplendent details such as the golden borders, opulent leaf pattern and rhinestone adornment, while Tink floats within wearing her signature look.
Butterfly Tink by Britto - 6001008
4.53 in H
Retailer Log-in
In one of the “Peter Pan” books, Peter pretends to mistake Tinker Bell for a butterfly, adding her to his collection. The pretty pixie practices the art of camouflage in this pop art butterfly design, hand-painted in vivid colors with polka dot details.
Miss Mindy Fantasy Prepack - 4060625
Retailer Log-in
The World of Miss Mindy combines mythical characters with the unique design twists of its eponymous artist. This 15-piece pre-pack is comprised of nine different designs, each intricately sculpted from stone resin and hand-painted.
Mermaid Quartet - 4060320
6.61 in H
Retailer Log-in
Mitzy is the Mermaid Fairy, and her voice is such a treat. Big Daddy is the mushroom base that hits the lower beats. The quartet sings a ballad with beetle, ladybug and all.
Unicorn Woodland Fairy - 4060319
10.4 in H
Retailer Log-in
The Sweet Forest Fairy tends the blooms of fanciful bouquets. Her wings spread wide and sparkle bright, and never cease to amaze. Handcrafted from stone resin, this figurine is hand-painted with dreamland details, like a unicorn deer and cookie trees.
Couture de Force Tinker Bell - 4060072
7.28 in H
Retailer Log-in
Tinker Bell goes full glam in this handcrafted design from the Couture de Force collection. The petite fairy puts her moxie on display with winding vines, artful florals, and a dramatic train, all sculpted from high-quality stone resin and hand-painted.
Ice Bright Tinker Bell - 4059927
Retailer Log-in
Free-flying Tinker Bell is frozen in time in this crystalline design by Jim Shore. She sits atop a hand-painted base, handcrafted in clear resin to look as though she is carved from ice. Tink will light up any holiday display with enchanting fairy magic!
Miss Mindy's Cherry Fairy - 4059026
1.8 in H
Retailer Log-in
Handcrafted and hand-painted, the Cherry Fairy smiles. Beautifully sculpted from stone resin, her petite design beguiles. Let the 1.5” ornament add a sweet touch to your tree or gift it to your kindest friend as a heartfelt dose of glee.
Mushroom Fairy By Miss Mindy - 4059023
4.125 in H
Retailer Log-in
The Mushroom Fairy takes a moment to think and as she does, gives a coy little wink. Handcrafted and hand-painted in a cheerful mix of hues, her very presence will forever delight and amuse anyone who sees her.
Party Fairy by Miss Mindy - 4059022
4 in H
Retailer Log-in
The Party Fairy strikes a sassy pose and winks, as she waves her wand to grant a wish! Hang this sprightly pixie from a tree or present it as a gift. The colorful stone resin design will give any spirit a lift.
Three Fairies - 4059734
Retailer Log-in
This beautifully detailed figurine captures the happiness of Aurora’s three fairy guardians wearing their signature colors in gowns reimagined with gorgeous rosemaling detail as Aurora has her happily ever after with her handsome prince thanks to them.
Miss Mindy Prepack - 4059417
Retailer Log-in
Introducing a brand new collection from Cartoon Folk Artist Miss Mindy
Tinker Bell - 4058895
6 in H
Retailer Log-in
The strong-willed Tinker Bell looks especially sassy in Miss Mindy’s cartoon folk art styling. Perched on a mushroom, she holds a yellow flower umbrella and delivers a plucky wink. This handcrafted stone resin figurine stands 6” tall.
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