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Darkwing Duck by Britto - 6001012
7.95 in H
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Darkwing Duck as he’s never been seen before! The crime-fighting mallard might have a little trouble blending in with his newly colorful cape and hat, reimagined in Brazilian artist Romero Britto’s iconic pop art style.
Soap Box Derby Donald - 6000975
4.02 in H
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It’s a soap box derby! Donald Duck is determined to win in this fiery design by Jim Shore. Hunched over the steering wheel, his serious gaze and dogged pose are intricately sculpted from stone resin and hand-painted to highlight every detail.
Donald Duck Nutcracker - 6000948
7 in H
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Donald Duck is ready to take the stage in Tchaikovsky’s timeless holiday ballet, “The Nutcracker.” As colorful as ever, the hot-tempered duck’s handcrafted stone resin design is hand-painted in rich jewel tones befitting his regal role.
Mickey & Friends Prepack - 4061005RP
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The Disney Traditions collection by Jim Shore combines the magic of Disney with the time-honored motifs of handcrafted folk art. This 10-piece pre-pack is comprised of five different designs, each intricately sculpted from stone resin and hand-painted.
Fab Five - 4056752
10.83 in H
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The gang’s all here! This fab five tribute piece features Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Donald and Goofy, each beautifully sculpted from stone resin and hand-painted in classic Disney colors. Full of life and personality, this statement figurine stands 9” tall.
Goofy Donald and Mickey - 4055412
8.75 in H
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This stacked figurine features a put-upon Goofy, an irritable Donald Duck and an amusingly triumphant Mickey. The 8.75” stone resin design is beautifully handcrafted in the whimsical folk art style that is unmistakably Jim Shore.
Daffy Duck as Robin Hood - 4053361
7.5 in H
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Daffy Duck tries over (and over) to convince Porky Pig that he is Robin Hood in the Merrie Melodies cartoon, "Robin Hood Daffy." Dressed as the legendary outlaw, this Daffy bust sits on an intricate base featuring his bow and arrows and a WANTED poster.
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