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First Snowfall Ornament - 6009529
3 in H
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Like diamonds falling from the sky, the first snowfall of the season has magical powers. For some it is simply a reminder that it’s wintertime, for others it takes on a symbolic meaning. It’s been said, that a field of freshly laid snow is like a blank c
Away in a Manger Ornament - 6009528
2.5 in H
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Laurie Cook’s inspiration: "I wanted to portray the quiet moments after the birth of Jesus. On the reverse side, I wanted the three kings following a brilliant star. Did they travel in silence or call excitedly to one
Snow Crystal Ornament - 6009527
2.5 in H
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No two snowflake are alike. Each is an individual drop that develops, into an ornate pattern, as it falls to the earth from the clouds in the sky. "Snow Crystal" was created as a Christmas reminder that all of us, just like snowflakes, are unique and be
Holiday Tapestry Ornament - 6009526
2.6 in H
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Functional Saddle blankets serve to protect a horse’s back. Then there are beautiful saddle blankets that are adorned with glittering embellishments, and are brought out just once-a-year to celebrate special occasions like Christmas.
Christmas Delivery Ornament - 6009524
2.25 in H
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When creating "Christmas Delivery” Laurie asked herself, “Who better to deliver gifts on Christmas Eve than a Palomino Pony? Laurie answered, "I like to make up my own scenarios behind what I create, so I will let you decide the rest of this story.”
MiniWine Nutcracker Collection - 6009424
4.13 in H
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This regal ornament is a stately sight. Lined in nutcrackers, each more sovereign than the next, this ornament brings ornate taste to your tree. With golden details and glossy gems, this ornament is a gift that spreads holiday spirit every night.
Mini Wine Pretty Poinsettia - 6009419
4.13 in H
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Romantically rosy gems and powerful poinsettia petals make this hand-painted ornament a treasure of holiday enchantment. Make your tree as pretty as a poinsettia with this dazzling piece and celebrate the season in style.
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