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Christmas Bunny Mini - 6009012
3.75 in H
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Dressed in a Santa hat and scarf, this little Jim Shore bunny is ready for a season spent with friends. Embracing the giving spirit, he offers a pretty package wrapped just for you. With a sweet disposition, he wishes everyone a "hoppy" holiday!
Benjamin Bunny - 6008750
5.75 in H
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Benjamin Bunny, Peter Rabbit's lovable cousin, brings a flower for you and kindness to your home. Wearing his characteristic hat, the little bunny waits patiently for the next adventure. Exquisitely crafted by Jim Shore, Benjamin boasts with beauty.
Flopsy - 6008747
5.75 in H
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For nearly 120 years the story of Peter Rabbit has captivated audiences of all ages. Jim Shore elevates the beloved tale to even greater heights with this lovely line of artisan sculptures. Flopsy gardens gracefully in this beautifully sculpted bust.
Peter Rabbit with Watering Can - 6008744
6 in H
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This Jim Shore handcrafted design captures the adventurous Peter Rabbit after he's squeezed under the garden gate to gorge on Mr. McGregor's garden vegetables again. He suddenly is startled by a sound and decides to quickly escape and return home.
Peter Rabbit In Garden - 6008743
5.75 in H
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Mischievous and disobedient Peter Rabbit is caught red handed enjoying Mr. McGregor's radishes. This beautifully handcrafted Jim Shore design captures the personality of Beatrix Potter's famous rabbit.
Peter Rabbit Storybook - 6008742
5.25 in H
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Flopsy, Mopsy, Cotton-tail and Peter Rabbit are given a warning from Mrs. Rabbit but Peter Rabbit wants no part of it. He's already thinking of his next adventure in this beautifully handcrafted 5.5" H Jim Shore Storybook design.
Pint Sized Boy Bunny with Egg - 6008407
5.9 in H
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Jim Shore’s handcrafted pint-sized Boy Bunny with Egg is a light-hearted Easter accent decorated in a colorful combination of geometric quilt patterning and flowing rosemaling design.
Pint Sized Girl Bunny with Egg - 6008406
5.9 in H
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Jim Shore’s handcrafted pint-sized Girl Bunny with Egg is a light-hearted Easter accent decorated in a colorful combination of geometric quilt patterning and flowing rosemaling design.
Wonderland Stacked Animals - 6006607
7.28 in H
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Wearing a Santa hat, this courtly Jim Shore fox provides the bottom tier of a forest filled tower. Wild animals stacked upon one another in friendship, the woods welcome winter in style. Christmas creatures great and small rejoice in holiday harmony!
Mini Bunny with Easter Eggs - 6006228
3.4 in H
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Laying down, this sweet bunny is as relaxed as he is happy. Surrounded by painted eggs, this little rabbit is ready for showers and flowers! With joyful Jim Shore stylings, this piece screams Spring.
Thumper and Blossom - 6005963
4 in H
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Thumper, the beloved bunny from the film Bambi, wallows with Flower the skunk about their unluckiness in love. Miss Bunny notices them immediately and struts up to Thumper bating her eyelashes. The two fall in love immediately .
Easter Egg with Rotating Scene - 6003625
8.5 in H
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Stroll through Spring with this festive Jim Shore tabletop Easter egg. Simply turn the floral finial atop the egg to rotate the scene inside between two adorable Easter scenes. Chicks soak in the sun while a pair of bunnies jubilantly collect eggs.
Thumper from Bambi - 6000959
3.1 in H
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Jim Shore is known for whimsical folk art that tugs at heartstrings, and this mini Thumper does just that. Handcrafted in exquisite detail, the stone resin design captures the rabbit’s remarkable sensitivity along with his playful spirit.
Love Bunny by Miss Mindy - 4060321
4.125 in H
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Bunny Love gives a cheeky wink as she kicks a leg up in the air, singing, and dancing the day away with nary a thought or care. This stone resin design by Miss Mindy shows the lively bunny atop a happy snail, hand-painted for a lifetime of fun.
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