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Lucy Psychiatric Booth Chaser - 6008971
6 in H
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For just five cents Lucy sells her psychiatric secrets and insight to all interested Peanuts by Jim Shore. Taking up the offer, Snoopy spills his thoughts. Lucy has a surprise patient,1 in every 12 pieces, Charlie Brown will take his turn as a patient.
Mini Snoopy as Mummy - 6008967
3 in H
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Snoopy loves dressing up. If he's not in his Red Baron attire, he can be found parading in numerous other disguises. The devious dog loves Halloween and this year he's stolen all of Charlie Brown's toilet paper for his costume in this Jim Shore design.
Witch Snoopy and Woodstock - 6008964
5.5 in H
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Boasting a large witch's hat, Snoopy and Woodstock prepare a potion. Riding a spoon like a broom, little Woodstock stirs the bubbly green goo while Snoopy reads from a spell book. In this Jim Shore design, the pair create a cauldron of spooky fun.
CB/Snoopy in pumpkin patch - 6008962
4.5 in H
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On the hunt for the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and his best friend Snoopy parade the patch. Sitting a top a large gourd, Snoopy smiles brightly with Charlie. Bring the fall feels to your home in this Jim Shore creation.
Mini Snoopy with red/white cap - 6008960
3 in H
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Charlie Brown's best friend and canine companion, loves Christmas. Snoopy looks dashing in his red and white stocking hat, surely stolen from Charlie's fireplace. In this merry design by Jim Shore, the jolly pup parades through the holiday.
Snoopy Laying on a Ornament - 6008959
5.125 in H
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Snoopy, Charlie Brown's lovable yet lazy dog can always be found lounging around. This time he's laying on a colorfully crafted ornament lined in folksy furnishings designed by Jim Shore. Ridiculously relaxed, the peaceful pup is having a ball.
CBand Friends around Christmas - 6008958
6.5 in H
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The much beloved Charlie Brown Christmas special teaches us any holiday can be heightened with the right amount of love and care. Boasting his misshaped little tree, the Peanuts crew carol around him making this Jim Shore winter scene lovelier.
Santa Snoopy in Dog Bowl Sled - 6008956
5.5 in H
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Gliding inside an oversized dog bowl, Snoopy cheers on his trusty pal, Woodstock, who wears antlers and a bell to give the full effect. Dashing through town the pair spread holiday hoopla wherever they go. Celebrate the season with Peanuts by Jim Shore.
Charlie Brown Tangled Lights - 6008954
5.875 in H
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Snoopy helps Charlie Brown decorate for the holidays in this playful piece by Jim Shore. Wearing a star topped hat, Charlie becomes the Christmas tree as Snoopy spins string lights around him. Frowning, Charlie knows he should have suspected this.
Peanuts Holiday Pyramid - 6008953
6.5 in H
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Stacked in a tower built upon harmony and camaraderie the Peanuts crew achieves new heights. Working together in everything they do, the friends smile brightly in this stunning display of teamwork and nostalgia. Bring the love home with Jim Shore.
Snoopy/Woodstock with Flags - 6007960
4.75 in H
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There’s no question that Snoopy’s heart beats in this hand-painted figurine by Jim Shore. Sculpted from stone resin, the handcrafted design shows the patriotic beagle and his bestie proudly marching with their American flags and showing love of country.
Snoopy/Woodstock in Hammock - 6007939
5.5 in H
Retailer Log-in
The inseparable pair enjoy a relaxing day in the sun. Snoopy and Woodstock swing from their hammock, with matching ear-to-ear smiles in this 5.5” stone resin figurine, handcrafted and hand-painted in Jim Shore’s signature folk art style.
Snoopy on a Beach Ball - 6007935
4.625 in H
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Snoopy, Charlie Brown's lovable yet lazy dog can always be found lounging around. This time he's laying on a colorfully crafted beach ball lined in folksy furnishings designed by Jim Shore. Ridiculously relaxed, the peaceful pup is having a ball.
Jim Shore Peanuts Gang Rafting - 6007934
5.5 in H
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The Peanuts gang gears up for a refreshing river ride in a Jim Shore quilted raft. Charlie Brown and all his friends prepare to plunge, smiles on their faces, ready for a new adventure. This classic crew hopes to crash into your heart and home.
Mini Woodstocks Graduation - 6007964
3.75 in H
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Congrats, Woodstocks have done it! All decked out in their grad cap, gown and diploma in hand, brilliant opportunities lie ahead. Jim Shore's hand-crafted design makes the perfect gift for that special graduate.
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