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Hogwarts Astronomy Tower - 6003327
12.2 in H
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The highest peak at Hogwarts is the astronomy tower, where young witches and wizards learn about the stars and their effects on magic. A massive and majestic addition to your Hogwarts Castle.
Hogwarts Express - 6003329
3.74 in H
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Every witch and wizard's year at Hogwarts begins with a magical journey aboard the Hogwarts Express. Departing from Platform 9 3/4 at King's Cross, the scarlet-hued steam engine gives its carriage of aspiring sorcerers time to practice their spells.
The Burrow - 6003328
9.06 in H
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Harry Potter's favorite place to spend his holidays away from Hogwarts is with the l Weasley family at their country home, nicknamed the Burrow. It may be ramshackle, cramped and even a little crooked on its axis, but there's not a homier home to be.
Ollivanders Wand Shop - 6002313
7.88 in H
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Located in Diagon Alley, Ollivanders was founded in 382, BC. It is the place where every young wizard receives his or her wand. Do you choose the wand, or does the wand choose you? Special details include the iconic curved glass bay windows.
Dumbledore w/ Fawkes Figurine - 6005063
10 in H
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Perhaps the wisest and most powerful wizard ever to live, Albus Dumbledore could have been the Minister of Magic, but is much more content as the Headmaster of Hogwarts. Dumbledore's closest companion is Fawkes the phoenix, an immortal bird of flame.
Harry Potter Bookends - 6003337
7.01 in H
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Magically concealed behind the barrier between Muggle Platforms Nine and Ten, Platform 9¾ is where Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry students board the Hogwarts Express. Perfect for your Harry Potter book or DVD collection.
Snape Figurine - 6005065
7.5 in H
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The Head of Slytherin House and the Potions Master at Hogwarts, Snape is a man of internal conflict; brilliant but cruel, brave but bullying. With a boiling cauldron at his feet, Snape is surely brewing up some wicked potion.
Professor McGonagall Figurine - 6005064
7.5 in H
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The Head of Gryffindor House, McGonagall is feared and admired amongst her students at Hogwarts. With the Sorting Hat and a list of First Years in hand, McGonagall prepares to sort a fresh batch of witches and wizards into their houses.
Chasing The Snitch - 6002317
9.84 in H
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Harry Potter proves himself in a game of Quidditch. Animated effect features Harry, riding his broomstick, while chasing the golden snitch. Quidditch has been played at Hogwarts for nearly 1000 years.
Hogwarts Castle WB w/ Hut - 6004342
7.1 in H
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Embark to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter with this 120 MM water globe featuring Hogwarts castle. This highly detailed miniature replica of the school of witchcraft and wizardry provides a majestic backdrop in this inspired scene.
Hermione Granger Year One Fig - 6003648
7.28 in H
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Hermione practices her levitation spell "Levioso" in this exquisitely detailed hand painted and hand crafted figure inspired from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone as she develops her wizarding craft. Collect all three!
Ron Weasley Year One Figurine - 6003639
7.5 in H
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Ron takes a playful moment from learning his wizarding craft with his Animagus "Scabbers". No detail was left untouched from Ron's Hogwarts uniform to the candy wrappers at his feet, you will be amazed by this hand painted and sculpted figure.
Harry Potter Year One Figurine - 6003638
7.5 in H
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You too will be "Petrificus Totalus" when viewing the exquisite details on these hand painted and sculpted figures inspired from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone as Harry, Hermione and Ron practice their wizarding craft. Collect all three!
Fred & George Weasley - 6003332
3.1 in H
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Fancy a game of Quidditch? As beaters for the Gryffindor team, twins and notorious mischief makers Fred and George Weasley may be competitive on the pitch, but they prefer to spend their leisure time amusing their peers and terrorizing their professors.
Ravenclaw Decorative Goblet - 6005060
7.09 in H
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Symbolized by the raven, Rowena Ravenclaw valued intelligence above all, and her house claimed many of the most brilliant witches and wizards in history. Show your house loyalty with this elegant 10 oz décor goblet.
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