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Grinch Tiptoeing Ornament - 6006572
4.45 in H
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The Grinch is going to sneak off with your presents if you don't keep a close eye on him. Place him somewhere you can see! Be careful or he might just sneak away. This Jim Shore ornament is fantastically crafted and colored with care.
Grinch Peeking Thru Wreath Orn - 6006571
3.54 in H
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Peaking through a wreath, this ornament suits the Christmas curmudgeon perfectly. Peering over your family's collection of presents, the Grinch plots his next escapade. Perhaps watching your family's love unfold will be enough to warm his heart.
Grinch Holding Max Under Arm - 6006570
7.64 in H
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Does the Grinch love anything? At the beginning of the story, we're not so sure. But by the end of it, he has room in his heart for everything. Max, Grinch's dog, finally gets the thanks he deserves in this sweet embrace captured by Jim Shore.
Grinch Dressing in Santa Suit - 6006569
8.86 in H
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The Grinch prepares for Christmas Eve in a disguise. Dressed as Santa Claus, he plots to steal Christmas. Placing the hat on his head, he has no idea he'll understand what it means to be jolly by the night's end. Watch his transformation begin!
Sneaky Grinch - 6006566
8.15 in H
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Grinch is the Christmas curmudgeon we fell in love with. He's mean and he's green, and he's always sneaking around with that mischievous grin. Place this Jim Shore figurine somewhere he can lurk, and admire as the grump warms your heart and home.
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