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Tinker Bell FACETS Figure - ND6009040
4 in H
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The Disney Facets Collection brings the world’s most iconic and beloved characters to life in these “gem cut” acrylic sculptures. With the look of cut crystal at a fraction of the price, these figures sparkle and delight with show stopping detail.
Tinkerbell - Couture de Force - 6009028
7.48 in H
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Hands on her hips, this pixie pouts with elegance and charm. With sparkling fairy wings and bedazzled accents, this Disney collectible is a tiny treasure. Wearing a dress made from the finest leaves, Tinker Bell is the unofficial queen of Neverland.
Tinkerbell White Woodland - 6008994
5.9 in H
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Sitting pretty on a mushroom stool, Tinkerbell marvels at the beauty surrounding her. Enjoying an afternoon spent outside, Tinkerbell gently holds a perched butterfly in her little hand.With matching wings, in this Jim Shore design, the two are a beauty.
Tink Sitting in Flower - 6008076
6.25 in H
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All the way from Neverland, this sweet and sassy fairy, takes a flower break before she's off on her next adventure. This Disney by Jim Shore piece is intricately hand sculpted and is great for any Tinker Bell enthusiast.
Tinker Bell Figurine - 6003344
6 in H
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She may be a small flutterer, but her sweetness and sass make magic come alive, and Romero Britto's vibrant patterns shine as bright as her magic. Add this colorfully creative, fun-loving Tink to your collection.
Miss Mindy Vinyl - Tinker Bell - 6001675
7.09 in H
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Fly away to Neverland with Miss Mindy's radiant rendition of Tinker Bell! She gives a sassy wink and is adorned with puffed sleeves, translucent wings and a star-topped wand in hand. You can trust this fairy will sprinkle more magic into your life!
Disney Britto Tink Butterfly - 6001008
4.53 in H
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In one of the “Peter Pan” books, Peter pretends to mistake Tinker Bell for a butterfly, adding her to his collection. The pretty pixie practices the art of camouflage in this pop art butterfly design, hand-painted in vivid colors with polka dot details.
Tinker Bell 8.75” Figurine - 4058182
8.75 in H
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“All the world is made of faith and trust and pixie dust!” Tinker Bell motions for you to follow as she tiptoes across a field of flowers, cheery butterflies fluttering at her side. A colorful reimagining of her classic look by Romero Britto.
Crafty Tink - 4045244
4 in H
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Handcrafted in intricate detail, this colorful Tinker Bell will delight any Disney enthusiast. The impish fairy poses on a spool of thread, sculpted from stone resin and hand-painted with whimsical folk art motifs.
Disney  PP Displayer - 4020786
6 in H
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Tinker Bell Number Displayer - 4019880
6 in H
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Tinker Bell, A Pixie Delight - 4011754
5 in H
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Spunky, rebellious Tinker Bell poses coyly in this Personality Pose by Jim Shore. Skilled artisans sculpt the handcrafted design from high-quality stone resin and hand-paint every detail for a flawless finish.
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