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Miss MIndy Vinyl - Oogie - 6006042
7 in H
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Oogie Boogie Vinyl
Sally Designed by Miss Mindy - 6004286
6.1 in H
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Sweet Sally gets a creative makeover from Miss Mindy in this striking piece. Bold colors and incredible attention to detail make this an eye-catching rendition of Jack Skellington's loving partner a must have. Add her to your collection.
Jack Skellington by Miss Mindy - 6003768
7.17 in H
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The thrill-seeking Jack Skellington is especially eccentric in this creative piece from Miss Mindy. His bold eyes and mischievous smile are paired perfectly with the winking pumpkin and a pin-striped suit. Add him and his lovely Sally to your collection
Nightmare Bfore Xmas Mayor Car - 6002841
6.5 in H
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The tirumphant heroes of Halloween Town pose with the Mayor's car
Harlequin Demon Trinket Dish - 6002838
10.5 in H
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A toothy Harlequin Demon Trinket Dish is the perfect container for holding wrapped Halloween candy, coins or jewelry. Not intended for use with unwrapped candy or food.
Jack and Sally S&P - 6002274
3.85 in H
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The lovesick skeleton and the adorable doll dazzled by love have been the iconic spooky couple ever since Sally taught Jack the true meaning of Christmas. Add some hauntingly delicious flavor to your next meal with these salt and pepper shakers.
Jack and Sally Deluxe Fig - 6002184
8.74 in H
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Jack and Sally make a delightfully frightful couple in this highly detailed hand painted figure from the Disney Showcase Collection Couture de Force. Opalescent paint and faux gem stone shimmer in the moonlight.
Miss Mindy Vinyl - Sally - 6001677
7.09 in H
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Explore Halloween Town with Miss Mindy's gravely gorgeous Sally! The kind, clever ragdoll is illustrated in frightfully fanciful details, such as her puffed sleeves, large bow with a Scary Teddy on her back and Jack candy basket in hand.
Jack Skellington Canister - 6001019
9.25 in H
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“Nightmare” fans want to get caught with their hands in this cookie jar. The 9.25” cylindrical design is handcrafted from ceramic and hand-painted with the many delightfully spooky faces of Jack Skellington and one very ominous Jack-o-lantern.
Jack Ceramic S&P - 6001018
2.5 in H
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Add a frightful dash of Disney to the kitchen table with this eye-catching set of salt and pepper shakers. Handcrafted and hand-painted to precision, the ceramic shakers capture two of the many skulls used in Jack Skellington’s stop-motion animation.
Mummy Kid - 6000956
4.33 in H
Retailer Log-in
That’s no evil eye. Mummy Boy is a friendly monster with a loveable sense of humor. One of the lesser-seen, but universally-loved characters in “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” he makes a perfect gift for ardent fans of the stop-motion film.
Bat Kid - 6000955
4.72 in H
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The Winged Demon is full of childish glee in this spooky figurine by Jim Shore. A cult favorite amongst “The Nightmare Before Christmas” fans, the friendly monster charms with his long wing-legs, toothy grin, and spiky hair. This figurine is 4.72” tall.
Corpse Child - 6000954
4.13 in H
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With his deadly grey pallor and sewn shut eyes, Corpse Kid from “The Nightmare Before Christmas” doesn’t need a costume to get spooky. In this handcrafted design by Jim Shore, he’s eager to trick-or-treat, bucket in hand and candy corn party hat on head.
Lock Shock Barrel Bowl - 6000953
4.1 in H
Retailer Log-in
There are always more tricks than treats when Lock, Shock, and Barrel are around. In this handcrafted stone resin design by Jim Shore, the troublemaking trio sit in front of their trusty bathtub transport. Not food safe.
Couture de Force Holiday Sally - 6000819
7.87 in H
Retailer Log-in
Sally embraces the fashion of the season in an elegant capelet, festive winter hat. and muff. Handcrafted in exquisite detail, the lithe ragdoll eyes a cheery sprig of mistletoe, plotting a romantic run-in with Jack.
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