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Mulan Couture de Force - 6007187
8.07 in H
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Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the animated film Mulan, this Chinese warrior reflects the true hero in us all. Her outfit shimmers in satins and silks with three faux gems on her belt.
White Woodland Mulan - 6007061
5.5 in H
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Mulan is breathtaking, sitting on a bench in her best dress. With her excitable pup, Little Brother, bouncing in her lap and her dragon guardian Mushu in a tight hug, she's surrounded by love. Beautifully sculpted, this Jim Shore piece is a classic.
Princess Passion Mulan - 6002823
7.25 in H
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Mulan bravely enlists as a warrior to protect her father. Staying true to her courageous spirit, Mulan heroically saves China and brings honor to her family. In this inspiring Jim Shore design, she holds Shan Yu's sword and wears the Emperor's crest.
Mushu Personality Pose - 4059740
4.5 in H
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In honor of the eager-to-please wispy, red dragon devoted to Mulan, Jim Shore created a figurine immortalizing the giant personality of Mulan’s small sidekick, Mushu. This beautifully detailed 4.5-inch figurine captures the energetic and comical spirit.
Mulan Couture de Force - 4045773
8.125 in H
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Mulan sheds her armor in Disney Couture de Force, choosing a cherry blossom inspired kimono. Her princess tiara has three faux jems that sparkle like her jade green dress sleeves. She has the strength of a warrior and the heart of a princess.
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