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Minnie Mouse 3.15
3.15 in H
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Blushing and smiling, Minnie eagerly awaits a gift from her beloved Mickey. Minnie is garbed in a beautiful rainbow of colors and patterns, compliments of Romero Britto.
Mickey & Minnie 9.67
10.04 in H
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In this 3,000 Numbered Limited Edition pair of figurines, Mickey and Minnie are garbed in the grandiose attire that is befitting of Disney royalty. You'll be sure to notice the striking colors and patterns of their wardrobes designed by Britto himself.
Christmas Minnie Mouse - 6003766
6.22 in H
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She's bold, spunky, and playful. Miss Mindy's Christmas Minnie Mouse is adorable in every way. Her sassy attitude and sweet smile are bursting with charisma and will liven up any collection. Complete the set with Christmas Mickey Mouse!
Disney Britto Minnie Waterball - 6003350
5.12 in H
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Sweet and endearing, this Minnie Mouse Waterball is sure to make you smile. Give it a shake and catch a glimpse of Romero Britto's magical dreamland, colorfully creative and care-free
Fashionista Minnie 8
8 in H
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Move over, Fashionista Minnie Mouse is on her way! Hearts, polka dots, and as colorful as the rainbow, her spunk is brought to you by Romero Britto and is exactly what your fantastic fashion-forward collection needs.
Minnie Christmas Personality - 6002843
4.625 in H
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Dressed in a festive holiday dress, Minnie is excited for the arrival of the fun holiday season! This holiday Minnie is hand-crafted in stone resin and hand painted with Jim Shore’s signature rosemaling design.
Storybook Christmas Carol - 6002840
7 in H
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Mickey and friends joyfully celebrate the season by caroling throughout the town. This festive piece by Jim Shore combines the magic of Disney with time-honored motifs of handcrafted folk art.
Mickey/Minnie Skating Waterbal - 6002832
6.25 in H
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Mickey and Minnie Skating in a Waterball Victorian Christmas WB 120MM
Mickey and Minnie Victorian - 6002829
6.5 in H
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Elegantly dressed in Victorian attire, Mickey and Minnie head out to celebrate the holidays Mickey and Minnie Victorian
Mickey and Minnie by Fence - 6000969
6.6 in H
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There’s nothing quite like a romance in bloom! Mickey courts his sweetheart Minnie with a freshly picked rose in this heartwarming design. Handcrafted in Jim Shore’s unique folk art style, the scene features whimsical florals and kitschy quilt patterns.
Miss Mindy Vinyl - Minnie - 6001676
7.09 in H
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Celebrate the original Disney darling with Miss Mindy's Minnie Mouse! Minnie's classy, cheerful spirit is captured in the dreamy details, such as her flirty wink, red flower hat, large yellow bow on her back and the swirled lollipop in her hand.
Minnie's 90th 10.25” Figurine - 6001011
10.24 in H
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No one can accuse Minnie Mouse of being a wallflower for her 90th. Dressed to impress in many colors, she flaunts her polka dot skirt, bow, and graphic tights. Sparkling crystals add a touch of bling to Minnie’s round-toed pumps.
Britto Mickey Minnie Heart - 6001005
4.92 in H
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Mickey and Minnie give their hearts to each other in this colorful reversible heart figurine. The captivating pair serves as a visual expression of true love and makes a perfect gift for engagements, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day and just because.
Mickey and Minnie Mouse - 4060275
6.7 in H
Retailer Log-in
Minnie plays coy as Mickey puckers up for a smooch beneath the mistletoe in this handcrafted waterball. Dressed in matching holiday outfits, the sweethearts make a festive pair. Give the stone resin base a little shake to send snow-like glitter swirling.
Ice Bright Minnie Mouse - 4059925
Retailer Log-in
What’s more magical than an ice sculpture? An ice sculpture of Minnie Mouse! She stands on a hand-painted base, handcrafted in clear resin to look as though she is carved from ice. This Minnie figurine makes an enchanting addition to any holiday display.
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