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Minnie Witch Vampire Mickey - 6008989
5 in H
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Seeing a mouse might make you jump, but two in costume will make you smile in this Jim Shore design. Mickey and Minnie don some spooky suits for the sake of Halloween. Mickey dresses as a vampire while Minnie transforms into a candy craving witch.
Mickey and Minnie Sledding - 6008972
4.5 in H
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Couples that sleigh together, stay together. Disney's original duo embrace for a sled ride down Christmas Mountain. Holding her guy tight, Minnie clings onto Mickey as they go sliding in the snow. With folksy Jim Shore details they're a jolly pair.
Minnie Sailor Personality Pose - 6008080
5 in H
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Handcrafted in intricate detail, this colorful Minnie by Jim Shore will delight any Disney enthusiast. Hand-painted with folk art motifs, this fun-loving beautiful mouse is patiently waiting for Mickey to help her board the ship.
Minnie Mouse Mini Fig - 6006086
3.15 in H
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Blushing and smiling, Minnie eagerly awaits a gift from her beloved Mickey. Minnie is garbed in a beautiful rainbow of colors and patterns, compliments of Romero Britto.
Minnie Christmas Personality - 6002843
4.625 in H
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Dressed in a festive holiday dress, Minnie is excited for the arrival of the fun holiday season! This holiday Minnie is hand-crafted in stone resin and hand painted with Jim Shore’s signature rosemaling design.
Miss Mindy Vinyl - Minnie - 6001676
7.09 in H
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Celebrate the original Disney darling with Miss Mindy's Minnie Mouse! Minnie's classy, cheerful spirit is captured in the dreamy details, such as her flirty wink, red flower hat, large yellow bow on her back and the swirled lollipop in her hand.
Mickey Minnie Sitting on Heart - 6001282
8.5 in H
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Celebrate the iconic couple and their timeless romance! Designed by Jim Shore, the duo sits atop a heart, holding hands and staring into each other's eyes affectionately. Cherish their enduring love with this heartfelt Valentine's Day piece!
Minnie's 90th 10.25” Figurine - 6001011
10.24 in H
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No one can accuse Minnie Mouse of being a wallflower for her 90th. Dressed to impress in many colors, she flaunts her polka dot skirt, bow, and graphic tights. Sparkling crystals add a touch of bling to Minnie’s round-toed pumps.
Mickey & Minnie at Soda Shop - 4059751
6.25 in H
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The perfect gift for anyone’s “soda shop” sweetheart. Inspired by a blast from the past, Jim Shore’s latest creation feature’s America’s #1 sweethearts sharing a moment… and a delicious sundae at their favorite soda shop.
Mickey & Minnie Mouse - 4058894
5.875 in H
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Strumming and whistling, Mickey Mouse serenades his sweetie while she rocks the dots, lending an ear… and her heart. Cartoon folk artist Miss Mindy has given the pair a distinct rockabilly vibe retro gals and guys alike will adore.
Fab Five - 4056752
10.83 in H
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The gang’s all here! This fab five tribute piece features Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Donald and Goofy, each beautifully sculpted from stone resin and hand-painted in classic Disney colors. Full of life and personality, this statement figurine stands 9” tall.
Mini Patriotic Minnie - 4056744
3.125 in H
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USA! USA! Minnie proudly waves our country’s flag, dressed bow to shoes in the red, white, and blue. Sculpted from stone resin, the 3.125” handcrafted design is hand-painted with classic folk art motifs for an extra dose of Americana.
Mickey and Minnie 120 MM - 4059185
6.5 in H
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I do, indeed! This winsome waterball lets you sneak a peek at Mickey and Minnie’s dream wedding. Give it a shake to shower the happy couple with colorful confetti. The hand-painted base features a pastel quilt pattern and “Happily Ever After” plaque
Mickey & Minnie Ring Dish - 4055436
5.125 in H
Retailer Log-in
A romantic at heart, Mickey Mouse gets down on one knee to propose to his forever sweetheart. Minnie swoons in response. Set rings in the interlocking circles of this stone resin ring tray to ensure they’re always close at hand.
Mickey & Minnie Mouse Figs - 4055228
2.7 in H
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Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse come together to form a heart with their open arms while gazing at each other with that forever kind of love. This piece by Romero Britto makes an excellent anniversary or just-because-I-really-really-like-you gift!
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