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Mickey and Minnie Easter - 6008319
4.5 in H
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In this joyful scene, Mickey and his sweetheart Minnie, are filled with excitement as they perfect their eggs for an egg hunt. Brighten up your collection with this vibrantly, colorful Easter piece by Jim Shore.
Mickey Sailor Personality Pose - 6008079
5.25 in H
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Hoy! Muster, this cheerful mouse is looking for Minnie and ready to set sail. Hand crafted in delightful detail, Disney's mascot, Mickey Mouse, features the rich color and folk-art motifs that are unmistakably Jim Shore's.
Sorcerer Mickey 15
8.3 in H
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Marking the 80th Anniversary of "Fantasia", this Big Fig version of Sorcerer Mickey is sure to pay homage to the magical Disney film. Britto gives his own twist to the character with a bright and fanciful robe, colorful shoes and a white glitter glove.
Mickey & Pluto 8
8.46 in H
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In celebration of Pluto's 90th Anniversary, Romero Britto introduces this sweet piece of Mickey embracing his canine pal Pluto. This figurine features Britto's bright and bold patterns and colors and is perfect for all the Disney dog lovers out there.
Santa Mickey w/Candy Canes - 6007068
6.18 in H
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Dressed in a Santa suit, Mickey masquerades as the holiday titan. Delivering candy canes to all the nice people he knows, he brings the spirit of Christmas wherever he goes. Celebrate the most wonderful time of the year with Disney by Jim Shore.
Christmas Mickey & Friends - 6007063
5.91 in H
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Stacked in a holiday pyramid, Mickey and pals savor a day in the snow. Each wearing a Santa hat, they've discovered the meaning of Christmas and enjoy jolly laughs surrounded by friends. Jim Shore creates a scene sandwiched with nostalgia and love.
Mickey's Christmas Carol - 6007060
8 in H
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Mickey and family gather around the tree to witness a Christmas Carol retelling by Scrooge McDuck. With windows alight with narrative imagery, they're in for a treat celebrating Christmas past, present and future in this nostalgic design by Jim Shore
Pluto and Mickey Birthday - 6007058
6.2 in H
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It's Pluto's birthday! Mickey makes his favorite pal a birthday cake to celebrate, but will it make it to the birthday party? This marvelous mouse will have to keep the plate out of his dog's reach for a few more minutes at least!
Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey - 6007053
18.5 in H
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Sorcerer Apprentice, Mickey Mouse, soars high above the music and marvel in this Fantasia inspired design. With fantastic colors and intricate design, this Jim Shore masterpiece wraps a magical story in its wave, and will bring enchantment to your home
Santa Mickey Mouse Big Fig - 6003771
15 in H
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This old world St. Mick will make all your holiday dreams come true. Standing over 18 inches tall, this hand-crafted and hand-painted Santa statue glistens with golden bells and a glittery evergreen tree.
Mickey Mouse 3.54
3.54 in H
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With a joyful smile, Mickey holds out a brightly painted heart to his beloved Minnie. Mickey is rocking a gloriously diverse palette, thanks to a unique paint job by Romero Britto, a multi-talented Brazilian pop artist known for his vibrant colors.
Top Hat Mickey 8.5
8.07 in H
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This figurine of Mickey Mouse depicts animation's most beloved icon as he first appeared in Disney's classic cartoons. But this rendering of Mickey is brighter and bolder than even before, thanks to Romero Britto.
Mickey and Pluto Patriotic - 6005975
7 in H
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What is more American than a man and his dog? In this case, that man is a mouse, Mickey and he wears a wide smile as he waves the red, white and blue flag proudly. Jim Shore celebrates patriotism with Disney's favorite duo, both born in the USA.
Mickey & Pluto Canister - 6004977
6 in H
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Mickey Mouse and his best pal Pluto are so full of life and love in this cookie jar canister designed by Romero Britto. Bright, bold, and full of friendship, it will be hard to avoid a sweet treat from such a sweet duo!
Mickey Mouse Canister - 6004975
9.5 in H
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Romero Britto's warmth and optimism shines brightly in this Mickey Mouse canister. Unique and colorful patterns of polka dots, stripes and hearts will surely warm up any kitchen.
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