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Fantasia Deluxe Set - 6002287
11.75 in H
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Sorcerer Mickey, Pegagus, the Brooms, and the Centaurette make for one magical “Fantasia” set. Handcrafted and hand-painted in remarkable detail, these stone resin figurines tell quite a tale. This limited-edition set comes with Backdrop display.
Pegasus - 6001167
5.67 in H
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Young Pegasus of Walt Disney’s “Fantasia” is a playful foal; to be a great flyer is his one and only goal. This handcrafted design captures his spirit, catching a stormy tantrum in such fine detail, you can almost hear it!
Centaurette - 6001166
6.5 in H
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The majestic Centaurette from a Walt Disney’s “Fantasia” symphony lifts a sweet bluebird while posing flirtatiously. Lush pink flowers caress her blonde hair. Have you ever seen a horse-maiden this fair?
Fantasia Brooms - 6001165
3.94 in H
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Straight out of Walt Disney’s “Fantasia,” the Brooms do a dance, splashing water from buckets as if in a trance. This handcrafted stone resin set is painted by hand, with all the color and whimsy of The World of Miss Mindy brand.
Sorcerer Mickey - 6001164
5.51 in H
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Sorcerer Mickey conducts a silly symphony, watching Brooms dance with requisite glee. His billowing robe and pointed cap make magic seem like a snap. This handcrafted figurine was made to be seen, painted by hand with beautiful sheen.
Fantasia Elephant Maquette - 4051310
10.4 in H
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This limited-edition, hand-painted sculpture is derived from a maquette used in Disney’s third animated feature film, Walt Disney’s “Fantasia.” Production molds were made from a digital 3D scan of the original animator mold.
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