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Sorcerer Mickey 15
8.3 in H
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Sorcerer Mickey Big Fig
Fantasia 80th Anniversary - 6007221
10 in H
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Fantasia Cookie Jar
Sorcerer Hat & Broom S&P - 6007220
3.5 in H
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Sorcerer Hat & Broom S&P
Fantasia Decorative Chalice - 6007190
7.09 in H
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In celebration of the 80th Anniversary of Fantasia, this stainless steel lined decorative chalice the perfect addition to feel like a sorcerer's apprentice. Adorned with 20 sparkling faux blue gems. (Magic brooms not included)
Sorcerer Mickey 80 Anniversary - 6006274
8.74 in H
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Celebrating the 80th Anniversary of Walt Disney's masterpiece, Fantasia, Sorcerer Mickey receives the Couture de Force treatment in this striking figurine. Known for summoning the stars, his robe and iconic hat is a galaxy of magic about to awake.
Fantasia Deluxe Set - 6002287
11.75 in H
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Sorcerer Mickey, Pegagus, the Brooms, and the Centaurette make for one magical “Fantasia” set. Handcrafted and hand-painted in remarkable detail, these stone resin figurines tell quite a tale. This limited-edition set comes with Backdrop display.
Pegasus - 6001167
5.67 in H
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Young Pegasus of Walt Disney’s “Fantasia” is a playful foal; to be a great flyer is his one and only goal. This handcrafted design captures his spirit, catching a stormy tantrum in such fine detail, you can almost hear it!
Centaurette - 6001166
6.5 in H
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The majestic Centaurette from a Walt Disney’s “Fantasia” symphony lifts a sweet bluebird while posing flirtatiously. Lush pink flowers caress her blonde hair. Have you ever seen a horse-maiden this fair?
Fantasia Brooms - 6001165
3.94 in H
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Straight out of Walt Disney’s “Fantasia,” the Brooms do a dance, splashing water from buckets as if in a trance. This handcrafted stone resin set is painted by hand, with all the color and whimsy of The World of Miss Mindy brand.
Sorcerer Mickey - 6001164
5.51 in H
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Sorcerer Mickey conducts a silly symphony, watching Brooms dance with requisite glee. His billowing robe and pointed cap make magic seem like a snap. This handcrafted figurine was made to be seen, painted by hand with beautiful sheen.
Fantasia Elephant Maquette - 4051310
10.4 in H
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This limited-edition, hand-painted sculpture is derived from a maquette used in Disney’s third animated feature film, Walt Disney’s “Fantasia.” Production molds were made from a digital 3D scan of the original animator mold.
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