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WDACL Sept 2016 New Intro PPK - 4058912
22 pc ppk contains 2 ea. of Sept 2016 maquettes: Hyacinth Hippo and Ben Ali Gator (set), Stromboli, Timothy Mouse, Tiana, Louis, Rapunzel & Flynn Rider; plus 4 ea of Beauty and the Beast & Walt Disney boxed notecards. 10% off vs. ordering individually.
Walt Disney Notecard Set - 4057253
1.9 in H
Whether on the screen or at a Disney park, Walt Disney made dreams of enchanted fantasy, dynamic adventure and futuristic imaginings come true. The keepsake box embossed with his signature contains 20 notecards (2 ea of 10 designs), envelopes & stickers
Louis Maquette - 4057249
11.875 in H
This skillfully crafted, hand-painted limited edition Louis sculpture from The Princess and the Frog originates from an unpainted animation maquette in the company's collection. Production molds are made from a digital three-dimensional scan.
GJSTR June 2016 New Intro PPK - 4057521
Huey, Dewey & Louie Duck Tales - 4055863
4.5 in H
Huey, Dewey & Louie are ready to bring an adventure right to your doorstep in this colorful bust set inspired by Disney's DuckTales TV Series. With bases of shiny coins, this trio is designed in scale to Uncle Scrooge, available separately.
Uncle Scrooge from Duck Tales - 4055862
8 in H
Uncle Scrooge is always looking to grow (and protect!) his fortune in this colorful bust inspired by his adventures in Disney's DuckTales TV Series. In his hand is a treasure map (details not in place in this prototype picture).
Dale from Rescue Rangers - 4055861
6 in H
Fun-loving and mischievous, Dale is the free spirited detective with a bit of a sweet tooth in Disney's Rescue Rangers. This vibrant and light-hearted bust features a base with peanuts, candy and the Rescue Rangers logo.
Chip from Rescue Rangers - 4055860
6.25 in H
Clever Chip is ready to solve a mystery in this spirited bust inspired by his adventures as a dectective in Disney's Rescue Rangers TV Series. His base features a rope, bag and magnifying glass.
Darkwing Duck - 4050099
7.5 in H
Beset by a slew of criminals and supervillains, the city of St. Canard looks to its protector and daring duck of mystery, Darkwing Duck to save the day! This lively superhero appears in cartoons and comics.
Letterhead Stationery Volume 2 - 4051321
0.25 in H
From its inception, The Walt Disney Company has created colorful letterhead stationery celebrating its films. 40 sheets, 5 ea Sleeping Beauty, Pinocchio, 101 Dalmatians, Rescuers, Cat from Outer Space, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Winnie the Pooh, Hercules.
Letterhead Stationery Volume 1 - 4051320
0.25 in H
From its inception, The Walt Disney Company has created colorful letterhead stationery celebrating its films. 40 sheets, 5 ea of Snow White, Robin Hood, Mary Poppins, Jungle Book, Great Mouse Detective, Ichabod and Mr. Toad, Finding Nemo, Pete's Dragon.
Tiana Masquerade - 4050317
8 in H
Princess Tiana joins the masquarade collection from Couture de Force hiding behind her frog mask. Tiana is adorned with 3 faux gems strands of pearls metallic gold accents and irridescent glitter that makes her sparkle like a true princess.
Marie Mini Character - 4026294
2.75 in H
International pop artist phenomena Romero Britto interprets Disney's most beloved characters in pint size works of art popping with bursts of color and exquisite detail. Each character is presented in special window box packaging. Collect all 10 Styles!
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