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Marie 3.54
3.54 in H
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A curious kitten who aspires to be an elegant lady like her mother Duchess, Marie won the hearts of audiences with her starring role in Disney's "The Aristocats." Now Marie has a more dazzling coat than ever thanks to Pop Artist Romero Britto.
Penguin Waiters Set - 6001672
4.72 in H
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This Penguin Waiters set looks SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS alongside the Jolly Holiday Mary Poppins Musical. complete with tea and a little pudding, this set is a must have.
Mary Poppins Musical - 6001671
9.84 in H
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Designed by folk cartoonist Miss Mindy, Mary Poppins takes on a whole new look inspired by the animated dream sequence from the original classic film. The carousel scene inside Mary's dress lights up. Musical Tune: Jolly Holiday
Darkwing Duck 7.95
7.95 in H
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Darkwing Duck as he’s never been seen before! The crime-fighting mallard might have a little trouble blending in in his newly colorful cape and hat, reimagined in Romero Britto’s iconic pop art style.
Pegasus from Fantasia - 6000960
3.1 in H
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This handcrafted design catches the pouty attitude of the little black Pegasus featured in Walt Disney's masterpiece Fantasia. The mini figurine is presented in retail ready, window box packaging.
Moana - 4056754
6.75 in H
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Strong, independent, and determined to find her own way, Moana is about to set out on an incredible journey. Unfortunately, she has to leave Pua behind. This handcrafted design catches the pair on island time, enjoying a moment together before she goes.
Walt Disney Notecard Set - 4057253
1.9 in H
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Whether on the screen or at a Disney park, Walt Disney made dreams of enchanted fantasy, dynamic adventure and futuristic imaginings come true. This keepsake box embossed with his signature contains 20 cards (2 each of 10 designs), envelopes, & stickers.
Mini Marie - 4054288
2.875 in H
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Beautifully handcrafted with impeccable attention to detail, Jim Shore’s charming miniatures capture the essence of beloved Disney characters. This 2.875” figurine showcases a ladylike Marie, from “The Aristocats,” posing coyly on a tufted cushion.
Petes Dragon - 4054277
9 in H
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Elliot, the somewhat clumsy and mostly unseen star of “Pete's Dragon,” is perfectly visible and entirely lovable in this cheeky figurine. Jim Shore’s handcrafted folk art style and playful use of color enhance the character’s inherent charms.
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