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Cinderella with Shoe Charm - 6000966
7 in H
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Jim Shore’s newest collection of princess figurines feature hidden compartments with secret charms. Sculpted from stone resin, this design shows Cinderella in her iconic blue gown, detailed with a drawer that pulls out to reveal a glass slipper charm.
Gus Personality Pose - 4059739
3.75 in H
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Gus-Gus may not be the smartest mouse in Cinderella’s loyal bunch, but he is certainly one of the most lovable. This charming design shows the always-hungry Gus eagerly anticipating a yummy snack, his round belly protruding beneath a snug green tee.
Jaq Personality Pose - 4059738
4.06 in H
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Cinderella’s number one sidekick is kind, brave and fiercely loyal. This handcrafted design showcases Jaq’s optimistic spirit, as the grinning mouse extends an eager thumbs-up. His trademark orange jacket has been reimagined with lavender rosemaling.
Cinderella 100 MM - 4059196
5.5 in H
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Don’t let the clock strike midnight yet. Cinderella strikes an elegant pose in her gleaming blue gown in this 5.5-inch waterball by Disney Showcase.
Lady Tremaine from Cinderella - 4058289
8.46 in H
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It’s no secret that Cinderella’s stepmother loves looking posh. This Couture de Force figurine enhances Lady Tremaine’s classic costume with beautiful brocade, lace cuffs, and tassel details. An actual feather provides the final flourish.
Cinderella - 4058288
8.35 in H
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Cinderella’s mice would go crazy over this gorgeous gown! A haute couture interpretation of her classic costume, this glittering design features heavy brocade, beautiful draping, and faux jewels – all meticulously sculpted from stone resin.
Cinderella Christmas - 4057945
8.5 in H
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Jim Shore reimagines Disney’s classic princesses in elegant winter capes and gowns for this holiday collection. Cinderella gets a light blue ball gown, cut away at the skirt to frame a colorful ornament, hand-carved with a cheerful image of Jaq and Gus.
Cinderella & Prince Wedding - 4056748
5.91 in H
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Jim Shore’s Royal Wedding collection reimagines Disney’s most beloved couples on their big day. Lovely little bluebirds lift Cinderella’s veil as she gazes tenderly at Prince Charming in this handcrafted design, beautifully sculpted from stone resin.
Cinderella Notecard Set - 4051317
1.9 in H
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In a gift box inspired by the storybook in the film's opening sequence, this set includes 20 notecards (2 each of 10 designs), envelopes, and stickers. Images include rarely seen production artwork and promotional material, with historical details.
Cinderella Couture de Force - 4045443
8 in H
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Reigning Disney Princesses strike a pose in this stunning NEW ensemble of highly detailed figurines embellished with haute couture and unique plussing elements. Faux gems, encrusted crystals and opalescent paint bring each sculpture to life.
Prince Charming - 4043646
7.5 in H
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Prince Charming looks very charming indeed in this handcrafted companion piece to the 65th anniversary Cinderella figurine. Jim Shore’s signature rosemaling gives the illusion of a heavily embroidered jacket, hand-carved and hand-painted in fine detail.
Cinderella Pop Art Block - 4033869
7 in H
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Bring Romero Brittos bold and colorful art to the third dimension with this stunning collection featuring Disney's most lovable characters. Each work of art is in high bas relief and encased in a shiny black wooden frame. Can be hung or stacked.
Jaq and Gus in Tea Cup - 4016557
4.5 in H
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Jaq and Gus peer over the top of Lady Tremaine’s teacup as they devise a plan to steal the key they need to free Cinderella. This charming 4.25” design is handcrafted from stone resin and hand-painted with colorful rosemaling motifs.
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