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Cinderella Decorative Chalice - 6007189
7.09 in H
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In celebration of the 70th Anniversary of Cinderella, this stainless steel lined decorative chalice is perfect for any princess. Adorned with 12 sparkling faux blue gems.
Christmas Cinderella - 6007065
7.2 in H
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Cinderella wears a Christmas gown in this lovely figurine. With intricate details and handfuls of presents, she arrives to your home with several tidings of joy. Celebrate the season with your favorite princess exquisitely crafted by Jim Shore.
Jaq & Gus two piece set - 6003770
3.62 in H
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Jaq and Gus join The World of Miss Mindy and make the perfect companion pieces to Cinderella. Sold as a set, this pairing is twice as charming as any prince could hope to be.
Cinderella from Miss Mindy - 6003769
9.37 in H
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Celebrate the 70th Anniversary of Cinderella with this illuminating sculpture from the World of Miss Mindy. Miss Mindy's iconic folk cartoon interpretation of the beloved Disney Princess is a must for every Disney fan. Inside diorama scene lights up.
Cinderella Couture de Force - 6005684
8.27 in H
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Disney Couture de Force celebrates the confidence, glamour, and inspiring stories of your favorite Disney Princess in a unique and empowering collection that reminds us all, dreams really do come true.
White Woodland Cinderella - 6002816
8 in H
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This piece features Cinderella in her mother’s dress as her loyal, mice companions help her get ready for the ball.
Holiday Cinderella w/ mice - 6002181
8.46 in H
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Introducing the 4th in the Holiday Princess series from Disney Showcase Collection. Cinderella is wrapped in her finest winter apparel adorned with a faux gem, iridescent glitter and opalescent accent paint. Jaq & Gus accompany her in this merry edition.
Cinderella - 4058288
8.35 in H
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Cinderella’s mice would go crazy over this gorgeous gown! A haute couture interpretation of her classic costume, this glittering design features heavy brocade, beautiful draping, and faux jewels – all meticulously sculpted from stone resin.
Cinderella 7
7 in H
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Bring Romero Britto’s bold and colorful art to the third dimension with this stunning collection featuring the beautiful and graceful Cinderella. Each work of art is in high bas relief and encased in a shiny black wooden frame. Can be hung or stacked.
Jaq and Gus in Tea Cup - 4016557
4.5 in H
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Jaq and Gus peer over the top of Lady Tremaine’s teacup as they devise a plan to steal the key they need to free Cinderella. This charming 4.25” design is handcrafted from stone resin and hand-painted with colorful rosemaling motifs.
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