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Alice Mug - 6002653
3.75 in H
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Host a mad tea party of your own with this lovely Alice mug! Set in a floral pattern, she sips tea while wearing her classic look updated with polka dots. This wonderful mug makes the perfect gift to wish your loved ones a very merry unbirthday!
Alice Bookbox Notecard - 6002174
8.5 in H
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Fall into a rabbit hole and enter a mad world! This Bookbox comes with 20 notecards with vivid, awe-inspiring art from the classic film that have never been released. Celebrate your lasting love for Alice in Wonderland with this priceless keepsake.
Miss Mindy Vinyl - Cheshire - 6001682
7.09 in H
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You'll be mad for Miss Mindy's captivating Cheshire Cat and his famous toothy grin. He happily welcomes you to Wonderland with a charming mini mome rath. Be sure to add this delightfully devious shapeshifter to your collection before he disappears!
Miss Mindy Vinyl - Alice - 6001674
7.09 in H
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Fall down a rabbit hole into a world of your own and join Alice for a mad tea party! Her classic look is reimagined in wonderful detail with puffed sleeves, a large bow on her back and a cup of tea in hand to toast to a very merry unbirthday.
Alice - 6001660
6.5 in H
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Don't be late to the mad tea party with this gorgeous Couture de Force Alice! Prepare to be wonderstruck by her elegant, formal tea attire, embellished with sparkling rhinestones, a ruffled skirt and an ornate damask pattern on her signature apron.
White Rabbit Mini Fig - 6001310
2.95 in H
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This delightful mini figurine portrays the endearingly eccentric White Rabbit, ready to announce the Queen of Hearts. Make sure your collection stays up to date with this hurried rabbit! Window Gift Boxed.
Alice in Wonderland Deluxe Set - 6002286
14.5 in H
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Alice, the White Rabbit, the Cards, and the Queen, this set has them all: kind, crazy, and mean. Handcrafted and hand-painted, these stone resin figurines are made to last. The limited-edition set comes complete with backdrop display.
Ace of Hearts & 3 of Spades - 6001038
5.31 in H
Retailer Log-in
These “Alice in Wonderland” Cards are ready to fight. Waiting for the Queen of Hearts’ call, they stand tall. Handcrafted and hand-painted, the stone resin designs can be set side-by-side or made to fall in line.
White Rabbit - 6001037
4.13 in H
Retailer Log-in
He’s late! He’s late, for a very important date! But at least he looks good while he suffers this fate. Handcrafted and hand-painted, this White Rabbit figurine is pristine. His monocle and bugle have a nice metallic sheen.
Queen Of Hearts - 6001036
10.75 in H
Retailer Log-in
The Queen of Hearts from Walt Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland” looks more fabulous than ever, cunningly plotting which heads to sever. The Cheshire Cat grins from above, handcrafted and hand-painted with lots of love.
Alice In Wonderland - 6001035
6.1 in H
Retailer Log-in
Alice from Walt Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland” gives a sweet, wide-eyed look upward as she sits on a mushroom. Hand-painted in fun colors and exquisite detail, the charms of this handcrafted stone resin figurine never fail.
Cheshire Cat by Britto - 6001009
14.25 in H
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The Cheshire Cat’s colorful personality is a perfect match for Brazilian artist Romero Britto’s energetic pop art style. Big, bold, and unabashedly optimistic, this handcrafted figurine will spark both conversations and imaginations.
Feature Film Prepack - 4060987
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The World of Miss Mindy combines Disney characters with the unique design twists of its eponymous artist. This 16-piece pre-pack is comprised of eight different designs, each intricately sculpted from stone resin and hand-painted.
Alice Mini - 4059584
3.875 in H
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Not your average Alice figurine, this cheeky design features Romero Britto’s signature pop colors, patterns, and graffiti elements. Our flaxen-haired heroine lifts the sides of her skirt as she curtsies entreatingly before the Queen of Hearts.
Cheshire Cat Mini - 4059583
3.5 in H
Retailer Log-in
It’s tough to tell which is more mischievous – the Cheshire Cat’s notorious grin or Romero Britto’s dynamic color play. Britto treats this wily feline to a full sampling of vibrant hues and graphic patterns, encapsulating his outsized personality.
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