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Santa In Coca-Cola Engine - 6003605
4 in H
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Santa In Coca-Cola Train Engine holding a bottle of Coca-Cola
Santa with Coca-Cola Ornament - 6003602
3.5 in H
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Santa with Coca-Cola Ornament
Santa with Coke Hushing Dog - 6003599
7.75 in H
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Santa with Coke Hushing Dog by Christmas Tree
Mama and Baby Polar Bears - 6003597
5.25 in H
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Mama with Baby Polar Bear opening gift of Coca-Cola
Snowman Ornament - 6001003
3.15 in H
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This Coca-Cola snowman makes a sweet addition to trees of any size, with bottle cap ear muffs and a pleasant smile that will melt hearts on either Pole. The 3.15” figure is sculpted from stone resin with whimsical rosemaling motifs.
Coca Cola Elf Ornament - 6001002
3.9 in H
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A mischievous Christmas elf tries with all his might to pry the cap off a vintage Coke bottle in this ornament by Jim Shore. Handcrafted in delightful detail, the determined sprite’s fanciful design will make you smile at every pass of the tree.
Coca Cola Snowman - 6001000
7.2 in H
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Coke’s dapper snowman offers a hearty toast as the iconic polar bears share a moment of refreshment in this affectionate nod to the brand’s classic advertising. The bears’ memorable scene is hand-carved from the stone resin figure in exquisite detail.
Coca Cola Elf Marching - 6000999
4.2 in H
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Santa’s elves take a break from the workshop to make merry in a marching band. This stone resin figurine captures the sentimental appeal of Coca-Cola’s classic ad campaigns, stirring the soul with vintage colors, playful patterns, and rich details.
Coca Cola Santa and Globe - 6000998
6.4 in H
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The iconic Sundblom Santa enjoys crisp refreshment courtesy of Coca-Cola as he reviews his Christmas Eve course. Every detail of this handcrafted design, from the classic red suit to the globe, is as timeless and sophisticated as the legend himself.
Coca Cola Sand Castle - 6000997
4.41 in H
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Vintage bottles sit in a whimsical ice bucket next to a storybook sand castle, waiting to provide the crisp, cool refreshment part of the beach day memories. Jim Shore captures the dreamy feel of the sun-kissed scene with his masterful eye for color.
Coke Ice Bucket on Beach - 6000996
3.46 in H
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Coca-Cola’s classic advertisements spotlight authentic life moments and the role Coke plays in them. This cheerful reimagining focuses on a bucket of sodas that will be cold, crisp, and ready to refresh whenever its owner wants to take a pause.
Bathing Beauty Blonde - 6000992
6.7 in H
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Vivacious bathing beauties were once synonymous with Coca-Cola, flashing white smiles from posters and calendars as they persuaded their audience to take a sip. Jim Shore reimagines one of the iconic images in this radiant stone resin figurine.
Coca-Cola Coastal Prepack - 4061003
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Jim Shore’s handcrafted Coca-Cola collection is drawn from the brand’s classic advertising campaigns. This 8-piece pre-pack is comprised of three different designs, each intricately sculpted from stone resin and hand-painted.
Seal with Coke Bottle HO - 4059720
4.75 in H
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Jim Shore’s new Coca Cola ornaments are delightful decorations drawn from classic advertising campaigns. This charming Seal balancing a Coke Bottle on his nose is colorfully handcrafted using Jim’s unique rosmaling designs.
Coca-Cola Santa with Tree - 4059472
7 in H
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Jim Shore’s new Coca Cola collection features heartwarming images from classic advertising campaigns. This nostalgic Coke Santa decorating a tree is beautifully handcrafted using Jim’s signature combination of quilt patterns and folk art motifs.
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