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Disney Britto Rapunzel Mug - 6002655
3.75 in H
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Start your usual morning lineup off with this energetic heroine! Rapunzel wields her frying pan with a sassy stare, her classic look updated with colorful patterns. Be inspired to take on the day with an upbeat smile, just like this beloved princess!
Disney Britto Belle Mug - 6002654
3.75 in H
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This book-loving princess would be happy to help you catch up on your reading! Curl up with a good book and this beautiful mug, adorned with a rose pattern and Britto's colorful art style. Be our guest, enjoy a cozy night in with this Belle mug!
Disney Britto Alice Mug - 6002653
3.75 in H
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Host a mad tea party of your own with this lovely Alice mug! Set in a floral pattern, she sips tea while wearing her classic look updated with polka dots. This wonderful mug makes the perfect gift to wish your loved ones a very merry unbirthday!
Disney Britto Ariel Mug - 6002652
3.75 in H
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Be part of the human world again with an Ariel mug full of much-needed caffeine! Jumpstart your morning with bold patterns mixed into the classic look of your favorite mermaid. This sculpted mug will reenergize you for a day full of fun in the sun!
Disney Britto Eeyore Mug - 6002651
3.75 in H
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If you aren't a morning person, you can definitely relate to this gloomy donkey! His floppy ears and frank expression are accurately illustrated in Britto's colorful, optimistic art style. Shake off the morning blues with this sculpted Eeyore mug.
Eeyore 2.6
2.6 in H
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Eeyore enjoys nature and stares curiously at the butterfly perched on his nose. Romero Britto bestows a dose of optimism to our favorite gloomy donkey, reimagining Eeyore in lovely lavender and pretty polka dots.
Pooh 3.66
3.66 in H
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Our favorite, forever hungry, honey-seeking bear is captured in all his glory in this vibrant design by Romero Britto. Pooh holds a “hunny” jar over his head and fills his tummy!
Lilo 8.27
8.27 in H
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Dancing the Hula, this colorful Romero Britto creation shows off Lilo’s loud and lovable personality. Adorned in refreshing patterns and bright, tropical hues this figurine makes it’s “mahalo” mark.
Seven Dwarfs 5.71
5.71 in H
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Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it's off to work they go! Commemorate the classic scene from Disney’s first masterpiece, Snow White, which introduced us to these hardworking, delightful dwarves. Designed by Romero Britto in his signature style.
Darkwing Duck 7.95
7.95 in H
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Darkwing Duck as he’s never been seen before! The crime-fighting mallard might have a little trouble blending in in his newly colorful cape and hat, reimagined in Romero Britto’s iconic pop art style.
Minnie's 90th 10.25” Figurine - 6001011
10.24 in H
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No one can accuse Minnie Mouse of being a wallflower for her 90th. Dressed to impress in many colors, she flaunts her polka dot skirt, bow, and graphic tights. Sparkling crystals add a touch of bling to Minnie’s round-toed pumps.
Mickey's 90th 10.5” Figurine - 6001010
10.39 in H
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Mickey Mouse pulls out all the stops for his 90th in this dapper design: bright colors, bold patterns, a perfectly knotted bowtie, and cufflink bling. Minnie is sure to be impressed. Each figurine is as flawless and unique as the main mouse himself.
Cheshire Cat 14.25” Big Fig - 6001009
14.25 in H
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The Cheshire Cat’s colorful personality from Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland” is a perfect match for Britto’s energetic pop art style. Big, bold, and unabashedly optimistic, this handcrafted figurine will spark conversations and imaginations.
Disney Britto Tink Butterfly - 6001008
4.53 in H
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In one of the “Peter Pan” books, Peter pretends to mistake Tinker Bell for a butterfly, adding her to his collection. The pretty pixie practices the art of camouflage in this pop art butterfly design, hand-painted in vivid colors with polka dot details.
Disney Britto Ariel Shell - 6001007
7.28 in H
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This pop art tribute to “The Little Mermaid” makes a big splash in bright colors, bold patterns, and contemporary design. Ariel smiles coyly from the corner of this glossy shell, hand-painted in vivid detail. Fans can’t help but smile in return.
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