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Eeyore 2.6
2.6 in H
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Eeyore enjoys nature and stares curiously at the butterfly perched on his nose. Romero Britto bestows a dose of optimism to our favorite gloomy donkey, reimagining Eeyore in lovely lavender and pretty polka dots.
Pooh 3.66
3.66 in H
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Our favorite, forever hungry, honey-seeking bear is captured in all his glory in this vibrant design by Romero Britto. Pooh holds a “hunny” jar over his head and fills his tummy!
Lilo 8.27
8.27 in H
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Dancing the Hula, this colorful Romero Britto creation shows off Lilo’s loud and lovable personality. Adorned in refreshing patterns and bright, tropical hues this figurine makes it’s “mahalo” mark.
Darkwing Duck 7.95
7.95 in H
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Darkwing Duck as he’s never been seen before! The crime-fighting mallard might have a little trouble blending in in his newly colorful cape and hat, reimagined in Romero Britto’s iconic pop art style.
Minnie's 90th 10.25” Figurine - 6001011
10.24 in H
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No one can accuse Minnie Mouse of being a wallflower for her 90th. Dressed to impress in many colors, she flaunts her polka dot skirt, bow, and graphic tights. Sparkling crystals add a touch of bling to Minnie’s round-toed pumps.
Mickey's 90th 10.5” Figurine - 6001010
10.39 in H
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Mickey Mouse pulls out all the stops for his 90th in this dapper design: bright colors, bold patterns, a perfectly knotted bowtie, and cufflink bling. Minnie is sure to be impressed. Each figurine is as flawless and unique as the main mouse himself.
Disney Britto Belle Rose - 6001006
4.92 in H
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The enchanted rose from “Beauty and the Beast” lives on, and lives loud, in this vibrant piece by Romero Britto. Bold patterns, vivid colors, and a high-gloss finish make it a must-have for modern day princesses.
Britto Mickey Minnie Heart - 6001005
4.92 in H
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Mickey and Minnie give their hearts to each other in this colorful reversible heart figurine. The captivating pair serves as a visual expression of true love and makes a perfect gift for engagements, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day and just because.
Tinker Bell 8.75” Figurine - 4058182
8.75 in H
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“All the world is made of faith and trust and pixie dust!” Tinker Bell motions for you to follow as she tiptoes across a field of flowers, cheery butterflies fluttering at her side. A colorful reimagining of her classic look by Romero Britto.
Dumbo 7.25” Figurine - 4058176
7.25 in H
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Britto’s colorful interpretation of Dumbo feels particularly fitting, given the classic character’s circus upbringing. Glittering “diamond dust” adds to the magic of that feather — sure to help the flying elephant soar.
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