Trail of Painted Ponies

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Wrecking Bull Figurine - 4055523
10 in H
Artist: Karlynn Keyes As anyone who has seen a bull riding event knows, it is a thrilling, dangerous, action-packed sport whose spirit and appeal is perfectly captured in Wrecking Bull.
American Beauty Figurine - 4055522
8.23 in H
Artist: Karlynn Keyes Along with floral floats and marching bands, Parade Horses magnificently attired in elaborate western-style tack - brightly decorated breast collars, silver-studded saddles with long tapaderos on the stirrups.
Tickled Pink Figurine - 4046324
6.25 in H
Artist: Aloma Wolfington My heart sings, I’m in harmony with you Joyful elation, I’ll never be blue I’m Tickled Pink, you’ve played the right key Loves inspiration, the whole world can see
Pony Lover Figurine - 4046322
7.25 in H
Artist:Kim Ratigan An avid animal lover from an early age who was always sketching horses, dogs and cats, this Canadian grew up in the city with a fantasy that someday she would wake up and run to the window, and in the front yard would be a Pony waiting
Magical Mystery Mare Figurine - 4045492
7.25 in H
Western Leather Figurine - 4043945
8.25 in H
Artist: Vickie Knepper-Adrian This stunning Painted Pony pays tribute to the "Art of Leather.” Cowboys who drifted with the winds across the great plains were the first leather artisans.
Rodeo Romeo Figurine - 4041040
8.5 in H
Artist: Karylnn Keyes and Valor Lee He's fast as the wind and black as night, you can try to resist him with all of your might. He'll steal your heart with rodeo flair. Look in his eyes and you just can't say no, 'cause this little guy is Rodeo Romeo!
The Prairie Princess Figurine - 4037604
7.25 in H
A co-creation of pop artist Howie Green and TV legend Alison Arngrim. This pony is a tribute to the ladies who made their homes on the prairies of America in the 1800s.
Tin Star Sheriff Figurine - 4037603
7.25 in H
Artist: Cheryl A. Harris In the Wild West days, frontier sheriffs who did not have access to badge manufacturers but wanted some means of identification when they came up against dastardly villains, would sometimes cut start out of
Ebony In Harmony Figurine - 4037602
6.5 in H
Artist: Lorna Matsuda Paint Horses have inspired artists from the beginning of recorded time. Known for markings that often look like black paint splashed over a white horse’s body, no two Paint horses are ever the same.
Old Country Store Figurine - 4035093
7.3 in H
Old Country Store was inspired by memories of a store in New Hampshire. It had a hitching post out front and old-fashioned rocking chairs on the porch. Country stores were a community’s stagecoach stops as well as findings of flour, sugar, pots and pans.
Painted Harmony Figurine - 4034627
7 in H
Known for its distinctive markings the American Paint Horse is a colorful naturally intelligent and a versatile Western breed. Characterized by a broad chest well-muscled hindquarters and refined head Paint Horses come in a variety of coat patterns.
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