Trail of Painted Ponies

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Stormy Figurine - 6001102
7.78 in H
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Horses are known to kick up their heels in the presence of violent weather. This striking design by David L. Archie encapsulates the legend of horses sired by the Wind God, taking the earth, sea, and sky by storm.
Unicorn Magic Figurine - 6001096
8.75 in H
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This majestic design by Audrey Dixon captures a mystical unicorn in all its glory, silver coat gleaming, gilded horn glistening, and sparkling lavender mane and tail blowing in the wind. Light-up flowers and glitter enhance the magical mood.
Night Flight - 4060279
7.25 in H
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This majestic Pegasus pony braces the earth with a powerful stance. Shining stars reflect against its blue coat to emulate the night sky and the pedestal includes a brass tag reading, “Night Flight.”


Egyptian Gold Figurine - 4053783
6.5 in H
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Gleaming across the ocean away from North America, a shining gold coat and ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs make this horse stand out above the rest. Gold brought power and eternal life according to this ancient civilization.
Party Animal - 4049717
7.28 in H
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A painted pony leads the party parade with bright colors and tassels. Everyone knows the fun is about to begin when there’s a pony in a party hat! A blue rectangular base supports the horse with a brass tag reading, “Party Animal.”
Childrens Prayers forthe World - 4046346
7 in H
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Children represent the innocence and hope for our society today. This horse’s coat is decorated with the colorings and drawings of children from many diverse backgrounds.
Petals Figurine - 4041039
6.2 in H
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Blooming pink peonies completely cover this mare from nose to tail as it trots through a grassy field. A rectangular base supports the horse with a brass tag reading, “Petals.”
Storm Rider Figurine - 4026392
7 in H
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Lightning illuminates this strong-bodied pony as it braces for the storm ahead. A rectangular base supports the pony with a brass tag reading, “Storm Rider.”
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