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Mystic Dreamer - 6008347
7 in H
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Capturing the magical energy of horses, the Artist created “Mystic Dreamer” with a coat the color of moonlight, and adorned with crystals and beads. This horse was conceived as a guide on the journey to new beginnings for those who chase their dreams.
Forever Young - 6008346
9 in H
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Developed during the Middle Ages as a war horse, the Friesian almost faced extinction by the end of WW II. With its stature, noble head and willing temperament, a crossbred Friesian mare with its young foal is a vision of the past and future.
Santa's Little Helper Figurine - 6007465
7.75 in H
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It’s a hidden secret that Santa has so many stops to make on Christmas Eve that he must depend on Little Helpers to assist him with his deliveries. That’s why Christmas is this adorable Pony’s favorite time of year.
Turquoise Princess Ornament - 6007403
2.28 in H
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Tales say Native Americans noticed gray rocks with clear blue lines and interpreted them as elements of sky and water. From then on, turquoise was cherished for beauty and a source of healing energy and good fortune for those who possessed it.
TROPP War Magic Figurine - 6002977
7.8 in H
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Through color changes and added religious symbols, “War Pony,” has been transformed into a unique and entirely original design. Behold, "War Magic".
Eagle Spirit Figurine - 6002103
9.25 in H
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Legend says Eagle Spirit was born in a hidden forest under the of an eagle with magical powers. To bond them in spirit, the eagle added golden colors from his feathers to the colt’s black coat.
Crossing Rainbow Bridge Fig - 6001097
5.5 in H
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There is a bridge of many colors connecting Heaven and Earth where the spirits of our furry friends run and play together. The day will come when we are reunited with them and we cross over Rainbow Bridge together, never to be parted again.
Storm Rider Figurine - 4026392
8.25 in H
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Lightning illuminates this strong-bodied pony as it braces for the storm ahead. A rectangular base supports the pony with a brass tag reading, “Storm Rider.”
El Charro Figurine - 6008840
7.75 in H
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Hail El Charro! a tribute to skilled horsemen who protect property and cattle. They are also recognizable by the horses they ride - tacked out with large platter-sized horns that work well for roping livestock with rawhide ropes.
Christmas Delivery - 6009478
7.75 in H
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When creating "Christmas Delivery” Laurie asked herself, “Who better to deliver gifts on Christmas Eve than a Palomino Pony? Laurie answered, "I like to make up my own scenarios behind what I create, so I will let you decide the rest of this story.”
Thunderbird Figurine - 6008842
7.75 in H
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The Thunderbird is respected and feared because these magical creatures could be a force for both good and evil. Throughout history, depictions of the Thunderbird have appeared on totem poles, pictographs, jewelry, carvings…and now, on a Painted Pony.
Away in a Manager - 6011777
7.5 in H
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Laurie Cook’s inspiration: "I wanted to portray the quiet moments after the birth of Jesus. On the reverse side, I wanted the three kings following a brilliant star. Did they travel in silence or call out excitedly?
Wild Blue Ornament - 6009161
2.6 in H
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Inspired by the Tribute of Lights, this stallion poses triumphantly atop rubble. The faceted blue represents the beams of light and the 43,600 windows that were part of the Twin Towers. The title borrows the name of a restaurant in the North Tower.
TROPP Everyday Figurine PPK - 4062714
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TROPP Everyday Figurine PPK LE - 4062714LE
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