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TROPP Figurine PPK June 2020 - 4062672
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Pride of the Nez Perce - 6008349
6.75 in H
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The Nez Perce Indian are credited with creating the Appaloosa horse. Their horses are considered part of the family, and this piece celebrates this special relationship, and shows gratitude to the tribe for the gift of this magnificent horse.
El Vaquero - 6008348
6.25 in H
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Vaqueros were the working cowboys in the Southwest. They were excellent horsemen whose saddles - styled so they could ride every day and still keep their horse’s backs healthy - influenced the style of the western saddles of today.
Mystic Dreamer - 6008347
7 in H
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Capturing the magical energy of horses, the Artist created “Mystic Dreamer” with a coat the color of moonlight, and adorned with crystals and beads. This horse was conceived as a guide on the journey to new beginnings for those who chase their dreams.
Forever Young - 6008346
9 in H
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Developed during the Middle Ages as a war horse, the Friesian almost faced extinction by the end of WW II. With its stature, noble head and willing temperament, a crossbred Friesian mare with its young foal is a vision of the past and future.
Vintage Christmas Figurine - 6007462
9.5 in H
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Remember the days of aluminum Christmas trees, bubble lights, train sets around the tree and tinsel, with this delightfully nostalgic Holiday Pony that sparkles and glows with dazzling vintage ornaments popular in the yuletide seasons of old.
We Three Kings Showpiece - 6007460
8.75 in H
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The three wise men are represented by glorious horses bringing gifts from the savior, Salvation, Truth, and New Life. This Christmas, when sharing our gifts with each other, we can ponder on the wonderful gifts the Babe in the Manger has given to us. 
Pony on Parade Figurine - 6007400
8 in H
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Pony on Parade - decorated with a hand-crafted western saddle and bridle, brightly colored ribbons, and moving proudly in a high-prancing parade gait, - is The Trail of Painted Ponies’ entry into this honorable tradition.
Native Dreamer Ornament - 6004262
2 in H
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This dreamy blue pony rears up to show off its native adornments. Tribal images cover its coat while beads and feathers drape over its body.
Buttercup Figurine - 6004502
6.25 in H
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A buttercup calls to mind sunny fields of gold flowers blooming. Although a friendly name, their petals are poisonous to wildlife - Buttercup is used as a term of endearment and sometimes the name given to a horse that someone is sweet on.
Native Paint Figurine - 6004261
9.25 in H
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Native Americans told stories through pictures and symbols with natural pigments. These “picture writings” recorded important events of a tribe. While today the meaning is not always know, it is respected for belonging to those-who-came-before.
TROPP War Magic Figurine - 6002977
7.8 in H
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Through color changes and added religious symbols, “War Pony,” has been transformed into a unique and entirely original design. Behold, "War Magic".
Eagle Spirit Figurine - 6002103
9.25 in H
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Legend says Eagle Spirit was born in a hidden forest under the of an eagle with magical powers. To bond them in spirit, the eagle added golden colors from his feathers to the colt’s black coat.
Crossing Rainbow Bridge Fig - 6001097
5.5 in H
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There is a bridge of many colors connecting Heaven and Earth where the spirits of our furry friends run and play together. The day will come when we are reunited with them and we cross over Rainbow Bridge together, never to be parted again.
Storm Rider Figurine - 4026392
8.25 in H
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Lightning illuminates this strong-bodied pony as it braces for the storm ahead. A rectangular base supports the pony with a brass tag reading, “Storm Rider.”
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