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TROPP June 2019 Figurine PPK - 4062246
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Wind Whisperer Figurine - 6004259
11.25 in H
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Spinning columns of wind and dust seen twisting across the West as if animated by shape-shifting spirits inspired this artist to imagine the earthly phenomenon as a wild horse running and rearing as it speeds across the prairie.
Golden Girls Figurine - 6006150
6.38 in H
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Any horse can be a Palomino as long as it has a golden coat with an ivory-colored mane and tail. Recognized for its beauty by ancient royalty and kings and queens, the Palomino has long been a popular subject for artists.
Dance of the Mustang Figurine - 6006152
9.25 in H
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A tribute to Picasso, the lead stallion in a free herd looking to attract a mare, this piece will have a companion piece in a future release. A portion of the proceeds will go to several non-profits whose mission is to improve the range for wild horses.
Appaloosa Pride Figurine - 6006151
6.25 in H
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The Nez Perce Indian Tribe are credited for developing this horse known for its mottled coat pattern. Popular as a stock horse used in a number of western riding disciplines, its vivid markings have made it a proud presence in Western movies and parades.
Legend of Blue Horse Figurine - 6006149
9.25 in H
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Legend of a mysterious horse running across the prairie, hooves leaving a windstorm, lightning flashing from his eyes, thunder from his hooves, clad in shadows that wrap like sky-blue silks, stomping and snorting as he seeks others of his kind.
TROPP Collector's Ornament PPK - 4061963
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TROPP Jan 2019 Figurine PPK - 4061961
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Native Dreamer Ornament - 6004262
2 in H
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This dreamy blue pony rears up to show off its native adornments. Tribal images cover its coat while beads and feathers drape over its body.
The Eye Dazzler Ornament - 6003754
2.6 in H
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Before the turn of the 19th century, the Navajo switched from making traditional Native American blankets to weaving brilliantly colored tapestries with geometric shapes and bold color. These creations are now known as the Eye Dazzler rug.
Buttercup Figurine - 6004502
6.25 in H
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A buttercup calls to mind sunny fields of gold flowers blooming. Although a friendly name, their petals are poisonous to wildlife - Buttercup is used as a term of endearment and sometimes the name given to a horse that someone is sweet on.
Native Paint Figurine - 6004261
9.25 in H
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Native Americans told stories through pictures and symbols with natural pigments. These “picture writings” recorded important events of a tribe. While today the meaning is not always know, it is respected for belonging to those-who-came-before.
Turquoise Princess Figurine - 6004260
7 in H
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Tales say Native Americans noticed gray rocks with clear blue lines and interpreted them as elements of sky and water. From then on, turquoise was cherished for beauty and a source of healing energy and good fortune for those who possessed it.
September 2018 Figurine PPK - 4061576
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TROPP War Magic Figurine - 6002977
7.8 in H
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Through color changes and added religious symbols, “War Pony,” has been transformed into a unique and entirely original design. Behold, "War Magic".
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