Jim Shore Heartwood Creek

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Wicked Witch Hourglass Ornamen - 6008314
4.7 in H
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Someone looks unhappy in this hourglass ornament designed by Jim Shore. As the sands of time fall, the Wicked Witch frowns knowing it's only a matter of time until good wins the day. Place this green-faced miscreant into your tree as she melts away.
Cowardly Lion Courage Ornament - 6008313
4.7 in H
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Jim Shore captures the Cowardly Lion's finally found courage and it's in your tree! Bestowed with an impressive medal of honor, the no longer timid lion confidently rallies from his branch. With ambition, success is imminent.
Tin Man Heart Ornament - 6008312
4.7 in H
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Happily listening to the ticking of his new heart, the Tin Man tickles from his seat in this Jim Shore ornament. Keeping time and feeling things, there's no telling what the Tin Man will accomplish now that he can feel the love he's hoped to give.
Scarecrow Diploma Ornament - 6008311
4.7 in H
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Scarecrow smiles from your tree in the intricately hand-painted Jim Shore ornament. With a ribbon stamped diploma, it looks like this yellow brick road commuter finally got his wish this season. Always a confidant, he finally has a brain to back him up!
Dorothy and Toto Ornament - 6008310
3.9 in H
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A pair of spectacularly sparkling slippers frame a posing Dorothy and Toto in this doting Wizard of Oz ornament designed by Jim Shore. With a bright smile on her face, Dorothy realizes while she isn't in Kansas anymore but has found a home on your tree.
JSWOZ PPK Wizard of Oz New Orn - 4062667
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