Jim Shore Heartwood Creek

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Crayola Snowman Mini Figurine - 6009138
3.54 in H
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Sliding into the Christmas season, this Crayola snowman by Jim Shore, smiles between your tree limbs with holiday humor. With a Crayola box sled skied with crayons, this creative snow-goer glides through the season in astonishing color.
Crayola Mouse Mini Figurine - 6009137
3.54 in H
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Drawing inspiration from your family tree, this mouse creates a miniature masterpiece of his own making. Holding a large crayon in his little paws he colors a canvas from within your tree's branches. Celebrate the season with Crayola by Jim Shore.
Crayola Santa Mini Figurine - 6009136
4.92 in H
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Celebrate the season with Crayola by Jim Shore. Holding a crayon created tree, Santa boasts a robe reminiscent of a Crayola box. With a jolly smile and rosy cheeks, he's prepared for a season of humor and hue.
Crayola Gnome - 6009135
5.83 in H
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This little gnome is looking for a new home among your art supplies! Wearing robes reminiscent of a Crayola box, he wears a crayon tip hat upon his head and a sweet smile under his curled mustache. Celebrate the season with Crayola by Jim Shore.
Crayola Snowman - 6009134
7.68 in H
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This Crayola Jim Shore snowman shines above the rest. With a crayon cap, this colorful work of snow art smiles with crafty complexion. With a scarf reminiscent of a Crayola box, this dapper snowman saturates the season with creativity.
Crayola Santa with Sled Scene - 6009133
7.09 in H
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Satchel full of crayons, this Jim Shore Crayola Santa prepares for a colorful holiday season. With his next color choice upon his staff, Father Christmas prepares to brighten the cool winter landscape.
JSCRA PRP Crayola New 2021 25p - 4062840
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