Jim Shore Dr. Seuss

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June 2019 9 Pc Prepack - 4062285
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Dr Seuss by Jim Shore TentCard - 4062327
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Sam/Green Eggs and Ham - 6006240
5 in H
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The one and only Sam hoists a tray of green eggs and ham for the brave to taste test. The Dr. Seuss classic character complete with Jim Shore rosemailing design brings a day filled with flavor and fun.
Cat In The Hat/Umbrella - 6006239
6.5 in H
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The infamous Cat in the Hat leans coolly against his umbrella in this classic Dr. Seuss figurine. With a towering red and white striped hat and winsome whiskers this cat is a winning and whimsical Jim Shore collectible.
Dr. Seuss One Fish, Two Fish.. - 6006481
6.22 in H
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A stack of imaginatively inspired fish flop fearlessly in this Dr. Seuss inspired relief. One, no, two fish, red fish and blue fish, smile here and there in this Jim Shore design.
Whoville Mayor - 6002909
3.94 in H
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The mayor of Whoville calls fellow Whos to save their community! In the beloved children's tale Horton Hears a Who, every voice counts in making a difference. Adorned with lovely floral motifs, this Jim Shore design captures the magic of Dr. Seuss.
The Cat in the Hat and Friends - 6002907
12.01 in H
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This Stacked Cat in the Hat features the beloved characters from the iconic children’s book perched for destruction. Whimsically decorated with folk-art designs, this precarious totem combines the magic of Dr. Seuss and the artistry of Jim Shore.
Thing 1 and Thing 2 - 6002908
5 in H
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Thing 1 and Thing 2, the mischievous pair from the classic children’s tale, Cat in the Hat, stand cheerful on the edge of chaos in this fun-filled design from the imagination of Dr. Seuss and the artistry of Jim Shore.
Vote For The Cat Easel - 4062600
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Thing 1 and Thing 2 Ornament - 6007797
4.53 in H
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Thing One and Two are an inseparable pair of bothersome brothers dressed in Red, White and Blue. The twins may cause mischief with their playful antics, but their patriotic spirit is true. Hanging from your tree, this ornament is certainly someTHING
Cat In The Hat Ornament - 6007507
5.31 in H
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Cat in the Hat was born in America. Wearing his iconic red striped hat, the feline adds a blue starred ribbon to show his patriotism. Hands folded at his side, the cunningly cool cat stands regal in respect for his flag and commemorates his country.
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