Heart of Christmas

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Heartfelt Friends Displayer - 6007577
10 in H
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Stella, Heart of Patience - 6006360
1.875 in H
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Born in the Gardens of France, Stella is a quiet but driven spirit who accomplishes every task set before her without growing frustrated. Possessing the Heart of Patience, Stella teaches her friends to slow down, stay calm, and set reasonable goals.
Faerie, Heart of Generosity - 6006359
3.5 in H
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Born in the Woods of South Africa, Faerie is a kind and giving spirit who always prioritizes the needs of others. Possessing the Heart of Generosity, Faerie teaches her friends the kindness and selflessness to share with and support those in need.
Selene, Heart of Curiosity - 6006358
2.85 in H
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Born in the Meadows of the United States, Selene is an adventurous and amiable spirit who never ceases to wander in search of new experiences. Possessing the Heart of Curiosity, Selene leads her friends on wonder adventures.
Kellan, Heart of Wisdom - 6006357
2 in H
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Born in the Savannas of Kenya, Kellan is an intelligent and ambitious spirit with the brainpower to work through any problem. Possessing the Heart of Wisdom, Kellan provides his friends with the knowledge to capably handle any situations.
Alex, Heart of Loyalty - 6006356
2 in H
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Born on the Islands of Greece, Alex is a stalwart and savvy spirit who radiates warmth. Possessing the Heart of Loyalty, Alex builds an unbreakable bond of trust with his friends and teaches them how to develop the relationships they seek.
Thunder, Heart of Strength - 6006355
2 in H
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Born in a time long past, Thunder is a tough but caring spirit who leads his friends to fight through all obstacles. Possessing the Heart of Strength, Thunder shows his friends the willpower and tenacity to overcome all problems.
Gertrude, Heart of Acceptance - 6006354
1.875 in H
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Born in the Deserts of Mexico, Gertrude is a jolly and outgoing spirit who never judges others for their differences. Possessing the Heart of Acceptance, Gertrude teaches her friends how to befriend all kinds of people.
Brayan, Heart of Hardiness - 6006353
2.85 in H
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Born in the Mountains of Peru, Brayan is a cheerful and tenacious spirit with the energy and the resolve to get through any day. Possessing the Heart of Hardiness, Brayan helps his friends to endure the hardest of situations without giving up.
Diego, Heart of Humor - 6006352
3.125 in H
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Born in the Jungles of Brazil, Diego is an energetic and jovial spirit who manages to find merriment in any situation and share it with those around him. Possessing the Heart of Humor, Diego makes his friends laugh and feel joy.
Glencora, Heart of Valor - 6005373
2 in H
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Born in the Highlands of Scotland, Glencora is a fiery and passionate spirit glowing with boldness and nobility. Possessing the Heart of Valor, Glencore emboldens her friends with the courage needed to overcome all obstacles.
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