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GJSTR June 2016 New Intro PPK - 4057521
Dr. Facilier - 4055864
9 in H
Dr. Facilier is the scheming "Shadow Man" from Disney's Princess and the Frog. With a talent for dark magic and an alliance with voodoo demons, the charismatic villain is captured in delightful detail in this magnificent bust.
Huey, Dewey & Louie Duck Tales - 4055863
4.5 in H
Huey, Dewey & Louie are ready to bring an adventure right to your doorstep in this colorful bust set inspired by Disney's DuckTales TV Series. With bases of shiny coins, this trio is designed in scale to Uncle Scrooge, available separately.
Uncle Scrooge from Duck Tales - 4055862
8 in H
Uncle Scrooge is always looking to grow (and protect!) his fortune in this colorful bust inspired by his adventures in Disney's DuckTales TV Series. In his hand is a treasure map (details not in place in this prototype picture).
Dale from Rescue Rangers - 4055861
6 in H
Fun-loving and mischievous, Dale is the free spirited detective with a bit of a sweet tooth in Disney's Rescue Rangers. This vibrant and light-hearted bust features a base with peanuts, candy and the Rescue Rangers logo.
Chip from Rescue Rangers - 4055860
6.25 in H
Clever Chip is ready to solve a mystery in this spirited bust inspired by his adventures as a dectective in Disney's Rescue Rangers TV Series. His base features a rope, bag and magnifying glass.
Tiana, Louis and Ray - 4053358
8.5 in H
Tiana, from Disney's The Princess and the Frog, embarks on an epic journey from the beautiful bayous of Louisiana to the banks of the mighty Mississippi, encountering mystical magic, a jazz playing aligator, Louis and a cajun firefly, Ray.
Porky Pig as Friar Tuck - 4053362
6.75 in H
Porky Pig dressed as a Friar, enjoys a laugh at Daffy Duck's expense in the hilarious Merry Melodies cartoon "Robin Hood Daffy". The detailed base features elements from the short's river setting.
Daffy Duck as Robin Hood - 4053361
7.5 in H
Daffy Duck valiantly tries (over and over) to convince Porky Pig that he is indeed the legendary Robin Hood in this Merry Melodies cartoon, "Robin Hood Daffy". The detailed base features bow and arrows with the "WANTED" poster on the back.
King Louie - 4053360
7.75 in H
Inspired by Disney's The Jungle Book, roudy orangutan, King Louie is the "Jungle VIP". After kidnapping Mowgli to learn the secret of "man's red fire" he gives a rousing performance of "I Wanna Be Like You" worthy of the king of swingers.
Baloo - 4053359
8.5 in H
When not giving advice to Mowgli the man-cub, big hearted Baloo from Walt Disney's The Jungle Book can always be counted on to join the party. The bust's base is inspired by King Louie's temple.
Mayor - 4053357
10 in H
The mayor of Halloweentown greets the citizens with two-faces, just like the film. Secured by a magnet, you can select which expression to display.
Anna from Frozen Fever - 4053356
8.5 in H
It's Anna's birthday in this colorful bust inspired by Disney's Frozen Fever short. In an outfit with rosemauling details, the beautiful base is her birthday cake..
Elsa and Olaf Frozen Fever - 4053355
8.5 in H
In the cartoon short, Frozen Fever, Elsa's magic becomes a bit unpredictable when she's sick and miniature snowmen keep popping up around her. The base features rosemauling detail and Olaf.
Darkwing Duck - 4050099
7.5 in H
Beset by a slew of criminals and supervillains, the city of St. Canard looks to its protector and daring duck of mystery, Darkwing Duck to save the day! This lively superhero appears in cartoons and comics.
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