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White Rabbit Mini Fig - 6001310
2.95 in H
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This delightful mini figurine portrays the endearingly eccentric White Rabbit, ready to announce the Queen of Hearts. Make sure your collection stays up to date with this hurried rabbit! Window Gift Boxed.
Eeyore Mini Fig - 6001309
2.6 in H
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Eeyore enjoys nature and stares curiously at the butterfly perched on his nose. Romero Britto bestows a dose of optimism to our favorite gloomy donkey, reimagining Eeyore in lovely lavender and pretty polka dots. Window gift boxed.
Pooh Mini Fig - 6001308
3.66 in H
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Pop artist Romero Britto recreates Pooh in vivid color and mixed patterns. Observe the sweet bear in his natural habitat: on an endless hunt for honey to fill his tummy! Presented in a windowed gift box.
Disney BRITTO Prepack - 4061250
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Receive all 7 new introductions from Disney BRITTO in this easy to order Prepack.
Alice Mini - 4059584
3.875 in H
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Not your average Alice figurine, this cheeky design features Romero Britto’s signature pop colors, patterns, and graffiti elements. Our flaxen-haired heroine lifts the sides of her skirt as she curtsies entreatingly before the Queen of Hearts.
Cheshire Cat Mini - 4059583
3.5 in H
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It’s tough to tell which is more mischievous – the Cheshire Cat’s notorious grin or Romero Britto’s dynamic color play. Britto treats this wily feline to a full sampling of vibrant hues and graphic patterns, encapsulating his outsized personality.
Sorcerer Mickey Mini - 4059581
3.75 in H
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Sorcerer Mickey is really feeling the strength of his newfound powers. This glossy pop art approach to the classic Fantasia character is rendered in a wide spectrum of supercharged shades with stripes, dots, and squiggles enhancing its impish appeal.
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