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MOF Bear Having Tea - CT1603
3 in H
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An afternoon tea party amongst the daisies is certainly time well spent. Enjoying the splendor of a sunny summer day, Roseanne drinks in all the beauty around her.
MOF Bear Picking Daisies - CT1602
4 in H
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After filling her wooden wheelbarrow, gentle Georgiana continues to collect an apron full of her most favorite flowers – her cheerful white and yellow daisies.
MOF Bear w/Umbrella - CT1601
4.25 in H
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Even when the skies are gray, happiness can still rain down! Our rain-loving sweetheart, Sunny, is prepared for a day of puddle splashing and raindrop catching with her favorite little teddie friend.
MOF Bear Driving - CT1503
2.375 in H
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MOF Bears/Hats - CT1502
3.5 in H
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MOF Bear/Beach - CT1501
3.75 in H
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CTCLB Mini Bear - 4038142
1.875 in H
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MOF Bears on Bridge - CT1303
4 in H
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Elaine and Bob linger by the pond while watching some sweet little duckies enjoy their afternoon swim. They long to dip their toes in the cool pond water.
MOF Bear with Boat - CT1302
2.25 in H
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Carol Anne looks forward to some rest and relaxation as she takes an afternoon snooze in her mini paddle boat.
MOF Bear with Basket - CT1301
3.375 in H
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Evelyn enjoys her own little tea party picnic as she wades through the pond. Her bonnet allows her to enjoy a sunny afternoon.
MOF Girl Bonnet Flower - CT1203
3.625 in H
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Sally gathers up some pretty posies from her garden in her dress apron as she prepares to take them to the county fair competition.
Fig MOF Two Girls/Flower - CT1202
3.625 in H
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While getting her flowers ready to sell at the Flower festival Bette hopes the sweet aroma helps put her baby to sleep. Looking at all her beautiful flowers she says Priceless is a friendship in bloom.
Fig MOFGirl/Flowers 1st - CT1201
3.625 in H
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After winning first prize Blythe will be getting ready for next years flower fair. She says your friendship is the best of all.
MIni Bear Flower Fig - 4027225
1.75 in H
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2011 CLUB MOF Courtney & Camer - CT1102
3.75 in H
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