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Lighting The Tree Ornament - 4051942
3.74 in H
No home is complete without a Christmas tree during the holidays. Luckily, this Snowbaby found the perfect tree and is working on wrapping it in festive red Christmas lights. Time to light it up!
Making Snow - 4051932
3.94 in H
It's not secret that Snowbabies love their snowflakes. After all, the Snowbabies live and play in the snowflakes! A friendly cardinal looks on as the Snowbaby carefully cuts out festive snowflakes. Each flake is made of hand-cut card stock.
1 Shoe, 2 Shoe, 3 Shoe, More - 4051928
4.13 in H
One pair isn't enough. Neither are two. Or even three. But it certainly is a nice place to start! This figurine features glittered high-heeled shoes and a hand-knit rosette on her head. Very fashionable!
From God Ornament - 4051902
2.28 in H
There is no greater gift from God than the gift of a baby. They come into our lives at just the right moment and fill each day with love, laughter and hope. Celebrate the special children in your life with this sweet ornament.
Just Like Grandma Taught Me - 4051887
3.86 in H
One of the best ways to honor our family is to carry-on the traditions they taught us. This Snowbaby is embroidering herself a 'Home Sweet Home' sign, a technique passed down from her grandmother.
Sharing A Sweet Tweet - 4051882
3.62 in H
This Christmas treat is so gigantic, Snowbaby has to recruit a friend to help him eat it! Luckily, this cardinal has a rather large sweet tooth. Gingerbread detail has been hand-painted, the hat is hand-knit and the cardinal is perched on a movable wire.
Hug, Please! - 4051876
4.17 in H
A real friend doesn't ask if you need a hug. They just know when you need one. A big bear hug from a loved one has the power to make any day brighter. This figurine features hand-knit stocking caps.
Angel of Christmas - 4051869
4.41 in H
This angel has been asked to deliver Christmas spirit in the form of ornaments to all of the Snowbabies. Her halo and wings are hand-glittered, her skirt is intricately sculpted and she holds 3 glass ornaments in her hands.
Cat's Play - 4051861
4.33 in H
When you have a cat, you will always have a friend to play with! Cat's are entertained by virtually anything. In this case, a strand of yarn! Real yarn is used throughout this piece.
You've Got A Big Heart - 4051860
3.86 in H
This Snowbaby didn’t really need a stethoscope to know his dog has a big heart. He could tell with the abundant puppy kisses, the warm puppy gazes and constant puppy companionship. The dog bone has been sculpted and placed in his mouth by hand.
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